Clubbing the Right Way – Here’s How You Can Enjoy Montreal’s Nightlife

 Clubbing the Right Way – Here’s How You Can Enjoy Montreal’s Nightlife

You have been missing out on a lot of fun if you haven’t visited a Pub, ever. In fact, it goes the same without saying for people who’ve visited pubs, but not the good ones. In either case, you haven’t experienced the real nightlife that Montreal is so famous for. And it’s for the love of life that we have made this guide that’ll take you through the exclusive features that a good pub has and the ones that you should not overlook when visiting one. 

Let’s get started without further preamble. 

  1. Where’s the Pub Located at? 

No one likes to end up frustrated looking for a place that’s too tough to locate. And, it gets worse during the night. Hence, be vigilant about the pub’s location. 

Upscale pubs and bars like the Mad Hatter dive bar that’s located at Crescent Street aren’t just easy to locate, they’re also well connected in all directions. Which means, you’ll have endless transportation options to travel to and fro between your place and the pub. 

  1. How Lavish is the Menu? 

Menu comes next to location. Good pubs have a rich menu that offers a large selection of wine, beers, whiskeys, and almost all kinds of cocktails. 

Some of the food and liquor variety at elite pubs like Mad Hatter are listed below. 

  • Burgers – Looney Burger, Hatter Burger, and Chipotle Burger. 
  • Sandwiches and wraps. 
  • Salads
  • Steaks and desserts.

Drink Options:

  • Scotch 
  • Wine
  • Whiskeys 
  • Beers – imported, local, and fruits beers. 

These are but a few options only. The actual menu is staggering. 

  1. How’s the Ambience? 

Whether or not a place serves the best tasting meals and hard liquor, your experience will still be dull if the place isn’t as lively and cozy at the Mad Hatter Pub where:

  • There’s proper arrangement of DJs.
  • The entire place is made cozy with the help of exclusive lights, antique paintings, and a rustic decor that’s a visual treat. 
  • There are many entertainment options like pool games. 

Most importantly, Mad Hatter is a place that you’ll be able to truly afford. Whether it’s the beer or the food, nothing is ridiculously overpriced. 

  1. How’s the Staff? 

Experienced bartenders will keep you entertained with their amazing bartending skills. Waiters will be able to suggest to you what are the best delicacies that you could try at their pub. Last, you’ll feel free enough to pour your heart out and enjoy like you’ve never enjoyed before. 

So, if it’s clubbing that you’re planning to do, then do it the right way at fun pubs and bars like the Mad Hatter Bar on Crescent Street, Montreal.

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