What Kind of Legal Support You Can Expect for Car Accident Cases

 What Kind of Legal Support You Can Expect for Car Accident Cases

When someone is killed in a car accident, there is death damage. In addition to the emotion about the loss, great financial uncertainty can arise because an income has been lost. Especially when young children are left insufficiently cared for, the damage is often extensive. The lawyer of Auto accident Tacoma Washington takes care of these details now.

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Limited number of damage items

The law states very precisely which loss items in the event of death qualify for compensation. Those are:

  • Cost of the funeral
  • Lost livelihood
  • Affection damage (grief money)

Lost livelihood

Loss of livelihood refers to damage that occurs when the deceased provided financial support to his partner, children or others, for example as a breadwinner. The loss of this income can have major financial consequences, especially when no or insufficient income replacement benefits become available after death, such as a survivor’s pension. In addition, this damage may consist of the costs that must be incurred after the death because the person who has died can no longer make a physical contribution in the household, in the education or support of the children or in the maintenance of the garden or home.

The costs that must then be incurred (domestic help, babysitter, care, painter, gardener, etc.) can then be recovered. Calculating maintenance damage is complicated. Experts have knowledge, experience and specific software with which they can make this damage transparent. The Seattle car accident lawyer  chooses the best solutions legally in such matters.

Affection damage or grief money

Since 2019, the next of kin of someone who is killed in an accident or a crime can be eligible for compensation for affection damage or grief money. Not every next of kin can claim this. The scheme is limited to a small circle of surviving relatives such as partners, parents and children. Someone who had a close personal care relationship with the deceased can also claim compensation. The scheme only has fixed amounts between $ 12,500 and $ 20,000. The Violent Crimes Compensation Fund has known this scheme for some time.

The deployment of a personal injury attorney

In all cases it is important to be properly informed about the possible steps. A serious accident can provoke strong emotions. Soon after a victim is confronted with injuries and the associated medical treatment, all kinds of questions of a legal, financial and practical nature arise. “How do I get my life back on track, is my damage recoverable, who can I submit a claim to, how is my damage estimated?” Answering these questions and providing guidance during the often complicated claim settlement process require knowledge and experience. A Personal injury attorney Spokane is the perfect place to go so that your case is guaranteed to be settled properly.

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