A Perfectionist’s Guide to Easy Skincare

 A Perfectionist’s Guide to Easy Skincare

There is no right or wrong way to do skincare, but there is an effective and ineffective way to do it. The effective one would be the one that gives you healthy, supple skin and a youthful glow. The ineffective one, of course, would be a waste of money, so try not to fall for the trap of expensive skincare when you don’t know how they will work on your skin.

Especially for perfectionists, it’s important that everything you do contributes to the result you want to achieve. Here’s a guide that’s perfect for you:

Arrange Your Products Chronologically

K-beauty is known for the order of product usage. Regardless of how many steps are in your skincare routine, what’s important is that you start from the thinnest consistency and work your way to the thickest. Ideally, you want to start with your cleansers (yes, two of them, to double-cleanse), and end with serums and essences. This is to ensure that all products can be absorbed by the skin with ease. It only makes sense to arrange them in the way that you will use them, and by doing this, you lower the risk of accidentally using them in the wrong order or skipping an important one.

Keep Tools Handy

You already have your skincare products all lined up, which makes it easy to go through the steps more efficiently. However, you would also need tools such as brushes, wipes, and cotton balls. Keep these handy in a container off to one side of your vanity, or hide them in a drawer to keep them sanitized. Organize them in a way that makes sense for you–if you would like to reach for them on your right side, put them there. This is meant to go with your perfect system, so do it in a way that feels intuitive. Don’t worry if you have to rearrange the tools until you find a system that works for you.

Buy in the Same Range



As a perfectionist, you want to find the optimal way of doing things, and for skincare, this means you want to find the best products to give you the best results. Some skincare companies provide a range of products that complement each other, and they suggest that these products work best together. You can see for yourself if that is true. If you have a particular shampoo in mind, you’d want to use the conditioner that also has the same scent or properties that your shampoo has, so they will complement each other. The same is true for your skincare products. Try a whole range from a brand with a product that has worked well for you, and see if the results are better when they are all combined. However, if they are expensive and you don’t see a significant improvement, you’ll want to rethink your system to be good for your budget.

With so many skincare products to choose from, it’s hard for perfectionists to nail down the perfect skincare routine. It’s all about picking and choosing, and finding the optimal system that works for you. Experiment until you find the best.

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