What happens if you stop smoking suddenly?

 What happens if you stop smoking suddenly?

          Smoking is one of the common reasons why people get a disease. We already know that smoking is very bad for our health. In fact, one cigarette contains a lot of harmful substances that include tar and nicotine. These harmful substances are responsible for damaging our body. Most of the smokers end up getting a variety of diseases such as lung cancer, mouth cancer, esophagus cancer and also COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder). However, the smoking effect is not only limited to the smoker itself. There are situations where surrounding people can also get affected by the smoke. Besides, cigarette smoke that is attached to any fabric can also cause some bad effects to anyone who inhales it. These conditions are known as passive smoker and are called secondary and tertiary smoker respectively. Hence, it is very normal to see someone who is willing to practice smoking cessation in order to stop this bad habit.

            Smoking cessation is easier said than done. A lot of smokers already tried and failed along the process. Though it is a big ask for a smoker, it is not an impossible task to do. In fact, there are some individuals who managed to stop smoking for good. So, what happens if you stop smoking immediately? At first, your body will start to crave for cigarettes. Why is this happening? This is because of the side effect of a cigarette component known as nicotine. Nicotine is a substance that tells your brain to always go and find a cigarette, making you crave for more. So, it is normal to feel the urge to smoke once you stop smoking suddenly. Your body will start shaking and your mind cannot think straight. This situation is normal and it will go away on its own. However, you must get ready for the feeling to kick in again next time and make sure you did not fall for it.

            One of the reasons why a lot of smokers have failed in their attempt to stop smoking is because they fail to fight this urge. A lot of these things happen because they do not have the motivation to keep on fighting the urge to smoke, hence becoming a victim of nicotine for the second time. This might not happen if they know what they will achieve once they stop smoking. In a month’s period after you stop smoking, your lungs will become healthier and better. The lung has the ability to heal itself if there are no harmful substances interfering with the process. In a period of 9 months, your lung will get back to its normal self like the one before you start smoking. Furthermore, you will also feel healthier and happier because your body is not getting damaged by harmful substances anymore.

            So, any smoker that wants to stop smoking can use this knowledge in order to drive yourself in achieving your goal. You can use the end product as your motivation every time you feel you want to start smoking again. Besides, you can also use other distraction techniques available in order to distract your thoughts about smoking. Usually, smokers that undergo a non-smoking period like to exercise in order to help them shift their attention from not doing anything to doing something useful. Besides, exercising can also improve our health massively so that is killing two birds with one stone. You can also try other distractions techniques that you find can be helpful with your situation. You can also choose to meet your doctor and ask about your opinion. Your doctor will surely be happy to help you stop smoking.

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