If You Are A Fan Of Traveling At Your Own Pace, We Suggest You Do It In An RV

 If You Are A Fan Of Traveling At Your Own Pace, We Suggest You Do It In An RV

Having an RV is a great way to have a home away from home and explore the world with it without paying for a hotel on the road or getting upset about not finding a vacancy. Having this type of vehicle has many advantages ranging from saving you the cost of lodging wherever you go to the freedom to park it wherever you want (be sure to check if you need to have any permits beforehand) and witnessing unrepeatable sunrises and sunsets.

But the first step to start any trip of this type is essential to have the vehicle before and continue reading this article to find the RV that suits your needs.

When it comes to recreational vehicles, the main categories are: class A motorhome, class B motorhome, class C motorhome, classic caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, automatic caravans, folding caravans, sport utility vehicles, and hybrids. The last two are the newest in the area; the first three are drive-up units and do not require a tow vehicle.

  • Class A Motorhome: This is the most extensive and most expensive type of motorhome. They are built from a chassis that includes frame, suspension, and transmission. Their RV collision repair cost can get a little high, so be sure to take excellent care of it.
  • Class B motorhome: also known as motorhome or conversion, they are built with the help of a van body. They are the smallest motorhomes.
  • Class C motorhome: sometimes called mini motorhomes, these vehicles have a utility front and are easily recognizable. In size, they are somewhere between classes A and C.
  • Classic Caravans: this unit is towed from a bumper-level hitch and is available in many lengths.
  • Harnesses: also a towable unit but requires a bed-mounted fifth wheel.
  • Pop-up campers: also known as trailers or folding tents are the minor type of towable camper. They are an excellent entry-level unit for those going from camp to RV. They have a hardtop, a floor, and partial sidewalls. The rest of the company is on canvas, still giving you the feeling of being outdoors.
  • Vans: You can also call it a slide-in camper. This camper got into the bed in a van.
  • Sports utility: this is a classic camper with a garage, sometimes called a toy car. There is a door at the back of the unit that goes down like a ramp, allowing you to park a 4-wheel mountain bike or any other toy you may have.
  • Hybrid Camper: This is a cross between a classic camper and a pop-up. This style has hard sides throughout, but the beds fold over the ends like a pop-up covered with canvas. They are lighter than most conventional caravans and can be towed with a mid-size utility vehicle.

As you can see, the options on the market are plentiful, and choosing the right vehicle will depend not only on your budget but your needs, how many people will be accompanying you on the trip, and your lifestyle, however, before starting any journey take your vehicle for a complete check-up, carry with you several spare parts that can get you out of the most common predicaments and get the phone number of an RV collision repair service just in case.

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