How To Plant Red Potatoes

 How To Plant Red Potatoes

Buying potatoes was once an easy feat; the different types of potatoes were bought based on how they turned out after cooking. Red potatoes were often referred to as a new potato because it was usually harvested early in the season and was preferred for its firmness and the extensive range of red potato nutrition. Many people are beginning to choose to grow their own variety but might be confused about how to get started; check out the process of planting red potatoes below.

Getting Started

It is important to note that red potatoes thrive better in cool weather but not in the middle of frost; this is why many gardeners usually prefer to plant at the end of frost when it is much easier to work the soil. Also, to get the full red potato nutrition, ensure the temperature is around 10°C or 50°F. The soil should also be a bit dry, so it doesn’t stick together when you’re trying to work the soil.

Planting Red Potatoes

  • To get started, choose a location where the red potatoes can get at least six hours of sun every there.
  • Also, ensure the potatoes are grown at least three feet apart from each other and in rows.
  • Dig a trench with a hoe or a shovel if you prefer; let the trench be about six inches wide and at least 8 inches deep.
  • After digging, spread the organic compost evenly at the end of the trend.
  • Make sure you use seed potatoes as they are the best and offer you the full red potato nutrition, do not go for grocery produce or confuse seed potatoes for potato seed.
  • Cut up the seed potatoes into a golf ball size and in a manner that makes it look like it has two eyes each.
  • Ensure that you cut it up a day or two before you plant them to give the red potatoes time to heal from the cut and form a new protective layer, which will help with moisture retention and prevent rotting.
  • Place a seed red potato piece into the soli and cover it with at least 3 inches of soil.
  • If your soil is too rocky, just place the seed directly on the ground and cover with leaves or straws if you prefer.
  • When the red potatoes sprout begins to appear 12 or 16 days after the planting process, fill up the trench with at least three inches of soil once again with a hoe; this leaves just a few inches exposed.
  • Repeat the process again in a couple of weeks so that the soil is at least 4-5 inches above ground level.
  • When the potato plants begin to emerge, add organic mulch between each row to retain moisture as well as control weed growth. This also helps cool the soil for the potato plants.


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