Here’s How You Can Eat Kimchi In Almost Everything

 Here’s How You Can Eat Kimchi In Almost Everything

Kimchi is the Korean pickle that is salted and fermented and can be prepared with vegetables of your choice. Though the Korean Kimchi recipe (สูตร ทํา กิ ม จิ เกาหลี, which is the term in Thai) made with daikon radishes and or cabbages is the most popular of the lot, there are few other ways you can use it up. You can store the salty and spicy kimchi in a jar inside the refrigerator for a longer duration. 

But for those who keep looking at it and wonder how to use it before the rotting process starts, here are some great ways to eat kimchi in all the possible ways.

Eat Kimchi Raw

To enjoy the authentic taste of kimchi, you need not do anything with it. For the perfect snack, just take it out of the jar and munch on it. The joy of taking a kimchi piece with the help of a fork at times of serious hunger pang is second to none. However, you can also take the entire kimchi out of the jar, place it on the bowl and serve it along with some toothpicks at the side.

Add Kimchi To Your Rice

Add some fun to your rice by stirring the same with some finely sliced Kimchi. This will instantly render a delicious kick of tangy spice to your rice. The same applies to your fried rice as well. Just stir your fried rice rightly with kimchi before taking it down from the stovetop.

Kimchi As A Grain Bowl Topping

The grain bowls are the trendsetting dinners that are highly in demand by people across the world. And to elevate the taste and make things tangier, you can always finish your topping with kimchi. While it is not necessary that you prepare a Korean-inspired bowl for Kimchi, but you can always do it if you want to, like the spicy marinated steak for instance.

Whip up Some Pancakes/Fritters

For a crunchy texture followed by a spicy-tart flavor, you can add Kimchi to your savory pancakes and fritters of all kinds. You can try Kimchi in scallion fritters or even pork.

Prepare a Stew with Kimchi

You wouldn’t believe the amount of funk Kimchi is famous for adding in the popular tofu stew of Korea. The tofu stew of Korea with Kimchi is great in fighting the common cold or flu.

Apart from Korean Kimchi Recipe that is famous all across Korea, you can try eating Kimchi with scrambled eggs and cheese, turn Kimchi into pasta sauce by caramelizing it in the butter along with Korean hot pepper paste known as gochujang, and mixing it with some tangy-tart juices that you stored in the kimchi jar. And if you have run out of the Kimchi from the jar, you can always use the leftover liquid from the jar along with some mayo for a funky snack dip. These were some of the pretty cool ways to consume Kimchi.                            

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