Everything You Need to Know about Spacewalking during Space Tourism

 Everything You Need to Know about Spacewalking during Space Tourism

Many things are likely to get into your mind when someone mentions the phrase “spacewalk.” Mostly, people will remember some movies like “Alien: Covenant and A Space Odyssey.” But did you know that spacewalks may become a part of our lives? Space tourism is likely to make that happen soon.

According to space travel experts, spacewalks provide an awesome experience but they are also risky and require much preparation. It is for that reason you need to learn more about spacewalking before you consider trying it. We have all the information you need about space tourism and spacewalks. Continue reading.

So, What is Spacewalking?

Spacewalking is a phrase that describes the moment astronauts get out of their space vehicle while in space. The moment is also known as Extravehicular Activity (EVA). Alexei Leonov was the first person to spacewalk but his spacewalk lasted for only 10 minutes. Since then, the number of individuals who spacewalk has been increasing. Most of the spacewalkers are astronauts who work on the International Space Station.

Is Spacewalking Dangerous?

Spacewalking is dangerous and it has to adhere to strict safety procedures. It further requires a wide range of safety equipment and it is only performed when the space agencies determine that it is necessary. People doing the spacewalk have to step outside of the protected space vehicle and get into a dangerous zone characterized by cosmic radiation.

Further, the spacewalkers must carry adequate oxygen to breathe when outside the space vehicle. They have to be inside pressurized suits designed to protect them from the cosmic radiations in space and an experienced crew has to observe them closely when doing the spacewalks. Besides, they have to be tethered to the space vehicle.

The Experience Expected During Spacewalks

Most people describe the experience as awesome. They refer to it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience that people should not miss. Unfortunately, it is not for the faint-hearted, particularly those who fear heights. Spacewalking requires you to get out of the space vehicle and float in space.

While it is scary, it offers a great opportunity to take timeless and priceless photos. If you have been looking for great photos to use in your journals, books, documentaries and other work related to space, spacewalking might be worth your consideration. You will also have much to remember after the walk.

The Space Travel Companies That Offer Spacewalking

Spacewalking is a complicated activity that comes with many huge risks. As we have already stated, it requires protective equipment in addition to a lot of training that can be expensive. Further, the involved risks raise the expenses further. It is for that reason that most space travel companies do not offer spacewalking activities.

Many companies are venturing into the space tourism industry and this might allow many people to spacewalk. According to Andrey Bokarev, diversity will attract more people, particularly those seeking unique space-traveling experiences. Keep in mind that only the companies that offer orbital flights will allow spacewalking. That is for the reason that those offering suborbital flights take a few minutes in space.


Spacewalks are physically and mentally challenging due to the involved heights and the involved pressurized resistance to the spacesuit. The spacewalkers have to focus on the walks and their safety. They have to communicate with the safety crew throughout the process.

Still, spacewalking is a great experience that many individuals expect during their space travel. When choosing a space travel company, choose one that offers a wide range of activities, including photography. Engage spacewalk if you feel it is safe.

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