3 Best TV Wall Mounts that You’ll Fall in Love With

 3 Best TV Wall Mounts that You’ll Fall in Love With

Gone are the days when you had to adjust your neck according to your TV’s height and angle. With the arrival of wall mounts for televisions, it’s the televisions that are adjusted, and not your neck. And this guide is about 3 such wall mounts that’ll be completely worth your money. Have a look! 

  1. Tilt Wall Mount Bracket

This is a super strong television wall mount that can easily accommodate TVs between 37″ to 70″. And the best thing about this one is that it’s universal. Which means, no matter the brand of your television, it will still fit in this mount. 

The many other benefits of this mount are listed below. 

  • Its heavy duty construction allows it to hold weight as high as 55 kgs. 
  • It can be tilted by 10° up and down. 
  • It can be slided left and right, and vice versa, too. 
  • It also has a locking mechanism so that you can freeze your TV in the best viewing angle so that you don’t have to adjust it again and again. 

You can explore many more features of this TV mount available at Prime Cables here, https://www.primecables.ca/p-357068-tilt-wall-mount-bracket-for-tv-37-to-70-inchuniversal-sound-bar-speaker-bracketprimecables

  1. Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

This super flexible wall mount designed for televisions between 37″ to 70″ can actually be freely swiveled by ±60°. Some other features that are exclusive to this one are listed below.

  • It can be tilted anywhere between +10°/-20°. 
  • It is strong enough to hold 50 kgs of load. 
  • It can be rotated by ±3°.
  • It can be extended up-to 51 cm from the wall. 

You can have a look at many more interesting features that this TV mount has to offer here, https://www.primecables.ca/p-362285-full-motion-articulating-tv-wall-mount-universal-sound-bar-speaker-bracketprimecables

  1. Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

With the amazing strength to hold weight as high as 50 kgs, this specific wall mount can:

  • Hold flat screen TVs between 37″ to 70″.
  • Be swiveled by ±60°.


  1. Its tilt mechanism offers -20°~+10° flexibility to adjust the angle. 
  2. It can be extended as far as 51 cm from the wall. 

Have a look here, https://www.primecables.ca/p-337812-full-motion-articulating-tv-wall-mount-for-37-to-70-flat-panel-tvs-primecables to explore many such features that this particular TV mount has to offer. 


All in all, a TV wall mount that can be tilted, swiveled, and rotated is your best chance to actually avoid neck strain and shoulder and spinal pain while watching television. Also, don’t forget to check out the exciting range of many more wall mounts at https://www.primecables.ca/

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