10 ways to reduce waste in your life

Waste costs money.

Maybe not instantly but in the long run perhaps through stress and overwhelm of clutter, or the recycling and rubbish disposal management, maybe even the inevitable buying a new one as you can’t find the old one in the muddle. Can you relate?

For me that is sticky tape, it comes to present wrapping time and ‘where is the tape?’ question rings out in our house. Fortunately today I know where the sticky tape is, it has been in the same place for the last 18 months. It’s just easier that way. Small steps!

Here are 10 ways to reduce waste in your life.

These are not rocket science but they work. I find I have less clutter and my life is more simple from just adopting these few tips. Read more

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Why I don’t dye my hair

“Who does your colour?” I am often asked. “God does, as I don’t dye my hair!” I reply.

I then get a curious look, and they say “oh, I thought you dyed your hair, it is a beautiful colour.” I say “Thank you” but get the feeling they still are unsure. Hence, why I decided to share the reasons I don’t dye my hair.
I used to have highlights, they were expensive and I realise now, unnecessary.

I must have spent far too many pounds over the two years I dyed my hair.
Why do we dye our hair and are we missing out on the authentic self that lies below our colour? Read more

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3 ways consumerism ruins us


So the new iPhone® was launched; queues of people wanting the latest gadget, queuing streets away for a glimpse at the new telephone but is all the hype and desire wise?

Learn 3 ways consumerism ruins us, self-esteem and finances amongst others.


Consumerism is all around us.


The marketing comes at us from all directions: advertising, in the post, on the telly, on your social media accounts and also in society, people talking about the latest new trends and gadgets. That boastful ‘school yard’ chit chat that adults do too!

It can seem relentless, can you relate?

Read more

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3 reasons to slow down today

3 reasons to slow down today, include renewing inspiration, realising you can’t do it all and knowing busy-ness isn’t necessarily success!


This isn’t necessarily easy to go from a frenetic ‘race, race, race life’ to more balanced but I think it is wiser after all balance is a bit of both, racing about and quiet time, does that sound good?  Learn how with these three steps: Read more

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Dry shampoo means I wash my hair less

When I was a teenager I was allowed to wash my hair once a week, at boarding school.  It was hair wash day on Fridays, we all traipsed off to wash our hair, military style. Fast forward to a few years ago and I was washing my hair every day!

That wasn’t wise and this post shows why dry shampoo means I wash my hair less now and prefer the way my hair looks. Read more

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