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  • Create memories not garbage

    create memories not garbage this Christmas www.actualorganics.com

    Metro Vancouver has a campaign called “create memories, not garbage.” The aim is to reduce waste during the holidays. I love this idea, as simplicity and being frugal are hobbies of mine. Create memories not garbage this Christmas Excessive consumption, food waste and unnecessary consumerism upset me. We live on a beautiful planet with finite […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • Disconnect this month

    Disconnect this month, and beyond. Recently I’ve seen people unable to disconnect even whilst crossing the road.  They cross the road oblivious to their surroundings; a car turning into the road and the person looking at their phone totally unaware a car is there. To top it all, this week I saw a lady (yes […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • Words have power

    The words we speak matter. What do you say? Remember words have power The words we use every day either build us (and those around us) up or tear us down. We can create great joy with our words or great hurt, as I am sure you are aware.  Words have power. As much as […]