Why Pick a Granite Countertop for your Kitchen

 Why Pick a Granite Countertop for your Kitchen

Granite is formed when molten rock is compressed due to extreme heat and pressure under the earth’s surface for a long period. It is made up of grains/crystals of various sizes. It is durable, strong, and resistant. Hence called the dimension stone popularly. This leads granite to be as hard as a rock. The heat-resistant characteristic makes it a perfect fit for Comptoir de granite. It does not chip off, nor does it blister. Scratches are something you don’t need to think of when using granite countertops in the kitchen.

Unique properties of granite

  • It does not undergo weathering 
  • Can be used for both exterior and internal purposes
  • It is very easy to carve and undergo customized polish
  • It is resistant to abrasion and very easy to seal
  • It is more resistant to acids than other countertop materials such as marble
  • It is resistant to bear a temperature of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit 

How are comptoir de granite made

Granite is composed of several interlocked crystals of minerals. The white-colored element in granite is called Feldspar, the black element is called Mica, and the light gray strokes on the surface of granite are nothing but quartz.

Granite is extracted out of large queries after it is drilled, blasted, and chiseled in the form of large slabs. Transforming raw granite to countertops requires the use of special machinery and tools. It is available in existing shapes and pre built countertops, however, it can be customized and installed according to your kitchen needs.

Once the preliminary cutting, shaping, and polishing are done, granite can be molded and carved into a plethora of shapes, such as round, flat, sharp-edged, curved, etc.

Softer stones such as marble are easier to cut and shape, but granite is a hard stone that can only be shaped well with the right equipment. The measurements need to be taken very carefully, to make sure everything fits in well in your kitchen. Take care of appliance openings and remove the sink from the kitchen before installation.

It is very clear that if you are looking out for a kitchen countertop for your home, granite is the best material to go with due to its multiple benefits. The cost-effectiveness, availability in various colors and designs, natural beauty, and durability of the stone make it an ideal fit for installing counterparts as it adds elegance and a chic style to your adobe.

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