What Is The Exact Difference Between Preventive Maintenance And Predictive Maintenance?

 What Is The Exact Difference Between Preventive Maintenance And Predictive Maintenance?

We all know that maintenance is the crucial element that needs to be executed on regular basis to make things last longer. Also, the fact is not valid only for one particular field, rather every industry, and field needs to go through that.

Being an industry three types of maintenance systems exist. They are predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and reactive maintenance. Both the predictive and the preventive maintenance systems are a lot superior to reactive maintenance as it at last address the machinery that breaks down.

Now, let’s move ahead and understand what is the key difference between preventive and predictive maintenance systems.

Preventive Maintenance Systems

The key concept behind the preventive maintenance system is to take regular steps to prevent bigger problems. Here are some of the important characteristics of preventive maintenance:

  • The preventive maintenance is planned at regular intervals or different intervals depending on the availability and the daily regimen
  • It is executed even if the same issues tend to reoccur
  • Maximum of the time it contains a checklist. Which is usually followed by cleaning, repair, and replacement?

Predictive Maintenance Systems

Now, coming towards the predictive maintenance system. It is the proactive approach that is dependent on the working conditions of the types of equipment or situations. With these factors, the situations are predicted and noted down. This helps the industries to work on the problems right away.

Here Are Some Key Characteristics Of Predictive Maintenance: 

  • It can be performed anytime as the machines are working in their normal modes.
  • The predictive maintenance system addresses and highlights the problems before the actual problem occurs.
  • It also gives the industries enough time to assess and to work on the solutions as well.

Preventive Maintenance Vs Predictive Maintenance

The main challenge for these two types of preventive systems is that preventive maintenance might address the issues that do not even exist and hence may take a longer time to deal with and understand them too. Whereas predictive maintenance has unplanned downtime and is mostly unscheduled.


These are the most important key differences between the predictive and the preventive maintenance systems for your manufacturing unit. These analytics and definitions will help you in understanding and choosing the right system for the betterment of your industry. Usually, many industries go with the combination of both systems for better results.

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