Jewelry: one of the best gift ideas for her Christmas, pay attention to this!

 Jewelry: one of the best gift ideas for her Christmas, pay attention to this!

Looking for affordable gift ideas for her Christmas? The classic among the Christmas gifts is jewelry because it is probably one of the gifts with the greatest symbolism. What are the three biggest mistakes you can make when giving away jewelry for Christmas?

Do not deal beforehand with the type of woman who is receiving the gift. As a giver, you should research beforehand exactly what the woman likes and what kind of jewelry she already owns. Is she more of the minimalist or the sporty type?

Simply buy the first-best and most expensive presents for her Christmas. Because the most expensive and the greatest are not always what a woman likes. Most importantly, it should suit her. Jewelry should always give a woman enough space so that she can act herself. So it doesn’t help to buy the largest ruby ​​necklace if she is a more reserved type and likes simple jewelry.

If you decide to give away jewelry, you should set a budget beforehand. No matter how big it is, you should always buy the best possible quality. Even with a small budget, it is important that the quality is right.

How do you find the right ring size?

To be sure that the ring size fits, it is ideal if you can quickly steal a ring that is already being worn. The jeweler can then professionally measure it and determine the correct size. Every jeweler has so-called ring sticks, which are standardized. The extent to which you can change the ring size afterwards depends on the model and the ring type. There are rings that are very solid and can usually be changed more than very filigree ones.

How do you find the right length?

You should first find out how the recipient likes to wear her necklaces: prefer near the neck or rather longer? It is more fashionable if she wears the long necklace. You should just pay attention to how it wears existing chains before buying. The extension of course also means that more gold has to be used. If you want to extend a chain from 40 cm to 90 cm, you have to reckon with more than double the price. In general, it can be said that it is always easier to shorten a chain than to lengthen it. If you are wrong about three or four centimeters or you are not sure, it is better to choose the longer chain from

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