French bulldog activities and exercises: learn and keep him healthy

 French bulldog activities and exercises: learn and keep him healthy

The French bulldog has minimal exercise requirements, and loves running outdoors, but does not tolerate very hot and humid climates. Most cannot swim. A short walk around the block is more than enough for your physical needs. To keep them in good shape, they need to exercise daily, but in a limited way, due to their tendency to exhaustion – better in the mornings and evenings. Sufficient rest is the key to the development of healthy bones, muscles and joints.

Always provide shade and fresh water. The important thing is to give the right and most appropriate stimuli to your dog’s breed. To better understand what can and cannot be done in terms of exercises and stimuli, you need to know how to stimulate your dog’s mind, and always keep in mind what are the basic precautions when exercising your dog.

There are several reasons to exercise and stimulate your Frenchie dog’s mind, but the most important thing must be his physical and mental health.

French bulldog Health

It is known that each breed of dog is predisposed to certain diseases. Unfortunately, the Frenchie dog does not pass this rule unscathed. This does not mean that all individuals of the race will have the diseases that will be described in the article, but that there is a chance of developing them throughout life. For those who buy or adopt a dog of a specific breed, it helps to know the risks.

It is also very important to buy dogs from ethical and responsible breeders. Therefore, always try to know the work of the breeder and the parents of your puppy. Check if the parents have any illnesses that can eventually be passed on to the next generations. Ask the creator about it.

Anatomical factors of the French bulldog

First, the French bulldog is a brachycephalic breed, that is, it has a short snout. Therefore, because of this characteristic, dogs of this breed are predisposed to the so-called brachycephalic syndrome. These are multiple anatomical abnormalities commonly found in brachycephalic dogs. These abnormalities include stenotic nostrils, elongated soft palate, everted laryngeal saccules, laryngeal collapse and hypo plastic trachea.

These irregularities prevent the flow of air through the upper airways, causing a characteristic clinical symptom. The fact that the nose of the breed has been reduced over the years has seriously impaired its functioning. This prevents it from releasing enough body heat, leading to an increase in internal body temperature.

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