Find the best Choices when Choosing What Kind Of Packaging You Would Choose for CBD

 Find the best Choices when Choosing What Kind Of Packaging You Would Choose for CBD

Climate change is omnipresent. Consumers pay attention to environmentally friendly alternatives in all areas of life. Therefore, one should also rely on environmentally friendly options in the product packaging area. We show how and provide background information on recycling and cardboard types.

Effect of Climate Change in CBD Product Packaging

CBD Product packaging with CBD display box is often discussed critically with regard to the environment and climate change. However, many CBD products require packaging either for protection of CBD, for transport or for better durability. So where there is no alternative to product packaging, more environmentally friendly packaging should be used. As a manufacturer or seller, you can make sure that the boxes for your products are designed accordingly.

Why Should You Choose Cardboard Packaging?

Cardboard Custom CBD oil boxes is generally more environmentally friendly than other materials, as cardboard is made from renewable raw materials and is also very easy to recycle. Therefore it serves as a very good alternative to plastic. Cardboard is degradable because it is made from natural fibers.

Advantages Of Sustainable Packaging:

Packaging made from fiber-based materials is recyclable and consists of renewable raw materials. Important for your image: you position yourself vis-à-vis your customers or business partners in the relevant sustainable area.

Inlays are required for many CBD products for safety reasons, because the products are made up of several parts or for presentation purposes. The inlays can also be made of cardboard very nicely and at the same time guarantee the transport safety of the product. No foam needed!

Recycling, Up Cycling Or Down Cycling

The English terms recycling, up cycling and downcycling are on everyone’s lips but what exactly do they mean?

Recycling and Down-Cycling

Recycling the CBD Display Boxes basically includes any recovery process by which waste is processed into other products.  Incidentally, Germany is number 1 in the recycling of waste paper with a total quota of 83.6% (as of 2017). With our 100% recyclable brown natural cardboard, recycling is further supported. You should therefore always dispose of our packaging as waste paper after use!

The original wood fibers are used multiple times through the recycling of waste paper. However, with each recycling pass, the wood fibers become shorter and more brittle. This loss of quality is also called down-cycling the next recycling process creates a new product with reduced quality. When recycling paper, fresh fibers have to be added again and again so that the end product has sufficient stability.

Up-cycling Boxes

The most environmentally friendly would be a circular economy this means a multiple use of the cardboard: It would be ideal for environmental protection and the yield of the cardboard if the cardboard is used several times or for a purpose other than intended for example, redesigned as a decoration.

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