Different things to include in the privacy policy of online shops?

 Different things to include in the privacy policy of online shops?

In this article, we will talk about the different things that business should put in their privacy policy online. Also, we will tell you the process of how a business can take card payments from their customers.

Things to include in the privacy policy of the online shop

If you have a business that is selling goods and services in an online shop format. Then you will have to maintain a privacy policy as you might deal with customers’ private data. This does not need to be a new and separate document from the terms and conditions.

You can include these policies in terms and conditions, but you have to label them properly. Below mentioned are some things which you have to include in your privacy policy.

  • If a person does not want the company to use their private data, they can click on a check box. If a person has created an account to order some goods and services from the website. Then, the company should tell them that their data might be used in the process. They should also mention the data, which is used as a name, address, phone number, and email ID, etc. The law permits the customer to see which data the company is using and for which work.
  • There should also be mentioned if an online shop is making an advertisement. They have to include a message that they might use their name in an advertisement. Also, before using, they have to take consent from the customer itself about using their data. The client also has the right and regulations to cancel and stop the shop from using their data.
  • The company should also inform the customer about how they are protecting their customer’s data. They won’t allow unauthorized sharing, copying, processing of illegal documents, making changes, etc. They should mention the thing in how they will protect the data of their customer from any kind of cyber-attack on the website.

What is the process of paying by card?

Whenever a customer uses a card to make a payment, there is a certain procedure to follow. Below mentioned are some steps and also process which is used to process payments made by card.

  • The customer will first have to select and make payment for something on the online shop.
  • Then the credit card can either be swiped, or payment can be made online.
  • The card will then be under the process of scanning by the card company.
  • Then they will tell if the card is secure to use or not in any kind of payment service.
  • The credit card company will send money to the merchant’s bank account through a service provider.
  • The merchant’s bank will deposit that money in the merchant bank account till further use.
  • Then, in the end, it will transfer to the owner’s bank account after some time, usually like a day.
  • At the month-end, they will receive a sheet from the bank which has money statements printed on it.

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