Check about cellulite causes, treatments, and other aspects

 Check about cellulite causes, treatments, and other aspects

Just because you have cellulite doesn’t mean you have to worry. While cellulite is often associated with obesity, it becomes more apparent with age, as the body starts losing elasticity. If you are worried about the dimpled and puckered look of your skin, there are some amazing treatments and commendable lifestyle changes that you can consider. In Montreal, you can check for Clinique Anti Aging cellulite treatment. In this post, we are sharing more on cellulite causes, treatments and other aspects. 


Various factors may contribute to cellulite, such as genetics, hormones, and obesity. An inactive lifestyle can lead to cellulite problem too, while diet is also considered to be a major factor. A diet that is high in fats and carbs can cause cellulite. Lifestyle factors may also contribute to a large extent. 

Types of cellulite treatments

There are varied cosmetic treatments for cellulite that can be considered. 

  1. The first one is called radiofrequency, which is a nonsurgical procedure that relies on radio frequency and electromagnetic pulses. The pulses are directed deep into the skin, which further improves flow of blood and oxygen, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. More than a few sessions of radiofrequency treatment are required to achieve desired benefits. 
  2. Laser treatment is the second option, which uses laser light to stimulate the growth of collagen. Done right, laser therapy can reduce the appearance of the skin and improve texture by reducing the appearance of cellulite. Depending on the condition of the skin, a number of appointments may be required. 
  3. There are also injectable solutions, such as Sculptra® and Radiesse®.  Sculptra® is kind of dermal filler that enhances the look of the skin and makes the area look fuller. Radiesse® also works as a filler but also boosts the production of collagen. 

Diet and exercise

Beyond the cosmetic treatments, diet and exercise play a dominant role in appearance of cellulite. You can expect your cellulite to appear sooner if you lead an active life. Also, try and reduce the intake of unhealthy fats and refined carbs, and stick to a healthy, balanced diet plan. 

Final word

With advance treatments, cellulite can be easily targeted, and your skin can appear more youthful, tight and even. Just make sure that you go for the right treatment, and select a clinic, where you can get unbiased advice. Don’t shy away from asking relevant questions related to the treatment, costs, and expected number of sessions needed. 

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