Car for ceremonies, where to find it?

 Car for ceremonies, where to find it?

The first search for the ideal wedding limo could take place among your acquaintances: relatives, friends or friends of friends who maybe keep a vintage jewel or a fascinating roaring car in the garage. Perhaps the owners will be happy to see it turned into a wedding limo for such a beautiful day. Otherwise, look for it in a car rental specializing in ceremonies, or even a wedding limo. But first read my tips on wedding limo etiquette.

Wedding limo: the choice of model

There are countless cars worthy of becoming the Brampton Limo of your choice. A small sixteenth century from the 1960s, perhaps in a bright and witty color, a convertible Giardinetta, a delightful Mickey Mouse, small cars that will make guests welcome you with a smile and lotof surprise and fun. Opting for a car for jaunty ceremonies will immediately make it clear that your wedding will be characterized by simplicity, non-conformism and fun.

Completely the opposite will be to opt for arriving at the church in a Limousine, which by the way was my choice. It is a huge machine that can reach almost 9 meters in length (pay attention to the space for maneuvers, is there?), A living room that can accommodate 9 people, a mobile bar, a TV screen and other options that will make you’re a Hollywood-style event arrives even more if you are accompanied by numerous bridesmaids.

Convertible wedding limo

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more sober tone but with a touch of extravagance, we suggest you move towards a convertible wedding limo. Season permitting, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, which you will discover, in case they are convertible, only immediately before arriving at the church: not to compromise hairstyle and make-up. There are a few examples of convertible ceremonial cars? This is the famous Citroen Pallas, an evergreen “old fashioned”, or the timeless WW Beetle, which also have the advantage of an affordable rental price.

Romantic wedding limo

If you have a romantic soul and therefore dream of a wedding limo evocative of times gone by like the early twentieth century for the big day, we recommend the legendary IsottaFraschini, some Rolls-Royce models or the first Ford models.

Sports wedding limo

If you are young and super-vital and want to shout it out to the world, you can instead opt for cars for sporting ceremonies: from the more reassuring models. Seriously, as far as sports cars are concerned, remember that arriving at the church, if it is not done with your future husband (and this rarely happens for the secular ceremony and NEVER in the religious one) requires the rental of TWO cars. The more “serious” one for the bride,and the eventual car for sports ceremonies to go to celebrate and take beautiful photographs with your newlywed.

The princely dream of arriving by carriage

And if your dream really wants to resemble a fairytale, orient yourself, as a wedding limo, for a real carriage with horses. In this case, it is imperative to wear a suitable dress, wide, very rich that makes you look like a fairy tale princess. To be combined with groom and guests in morning dress with tails and super elegant ladies.

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