Words have power

The words we speak matter.

What do you say? Remember words have power

The words we use every day either build us (and those around us) up or tear us down. We can create great joy with our words or great hurt, as I am sure you are aware.  Words have power.

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As much as I do my best not to take other people’s words personally, sometimes they can hurt. Today we can share our opinions and words instantly. We can send a mean, hurtful or downright dreadful email, text or Facebook post instantly. Press “send/ enter/ return” and the damage is done.

We can be in a bad mood and reply to someone straight away without even a cup of tea to cool off. If I had to write a letter and send my angry response by post, I would have definitely forgotten about why I was angry in the first place before the letter was delivered.

On the plus side, we can instantly send kind, inspiring and encouraging words to someone on the other side of the world. Technology is pretty amazing — says someone who grew up without the Internet!

Words have power

The words we say have power: a judge has the power to condemn you to a prison sentence or free you from one. A doctor has the power to give bad news or an all clear.

We all have the power to uplift and brighten someone’s day with our words. We equally can upset someone in an instant. It’s a choice and one we make thousands of times a day, if we think about what we say.

Recently I’ve noticed (as I’m sure you have) how words can divide a group, or a country, and create immense upset and anxiety.

Joyce Meyer, author of Change Your Words, Change Your Life, (the Whistler Public Library has a copy) says: “If the direction of a horse can be changed by a bit in his mouth, and the direction of a ship can be changed by its small rudder, then I believe the direction of our lives can be changed by the words we let roll over our tongue.”

It’s not a pleasant thought, and I am guilty of saying words I regret.

Sarah Abell who writes at NakedHedgehogs.com talks about “thinking” before you speak. That is, asking yourself is it:

T: True
H: Helpful
I: Inspiring
N: Necessary
K: Kind

Oh when I think of the times I wish I’d stopped and used “THINK” before speaking! The good news is that regardless of how you’ve used words in the past, tomorrow is a new day.

You can use words differently, to encourage and to inspire, to share your needs, to set boundaries, to give encouraging feedback that improves the world around you. All it takes is choosing your words wisely.

I love silence, maybe it’s since I realize how powerful words are?

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