What you may not know about pink products for cancer

“Think pink” is big this time of year.

Fight breast cancer products are everywhere…

These pink products for cancer range from gloves, lipstick, eye shadow, PVC rain coats, umbrellas, key rings, wrist bands, moisturiser, bath products and even mobile telephones but alarmingly the list goes on and on..

Ask yourself, do I really want to buy pink?

Ask yourself, do I really want to buy pink?

The problem I have with the whole raising money this time of year is that many of the products actually have harmful ingredients or are known to contribute to cancer.  This is referred to as #pinkwashing

Many of the breast cancer support lipsticks, nail polishes and creams contain parabens, synthetic perfumes and musks.

These synthetic chemical ingredients are thought to be endocrine disruptors (messing about with your hormones essentially).  Endocrine disruptors are not something that women need in their bodies, least of all women with breast cancer.

It seems quite hypercritical to have a support breast cancer pink products for cancer with known toxins in?  Wouldn’t you agree?

I can’t help but wonder how much of the cost of your pink product for cancer lipstick actually gets to support really finding a cure?

Some preventative things you can do today:

  • Get some sleep; sleep in a darkened bedroom without a TV, cell phone or wifi.  If your curtains do not block out the light, then get a black out curtain and use cardboard- the blackout material of choice in our house.  A darkened room will ensure that you get really good, high quality sleep.
  • Avoid toxins in your home; many personal care products contain endocrine disrupting synthetic chemical ingredients therefore opt for edible skin care
  • What do you use to clean your home?  What ever you use you breathe some of it into your lungs and get some on your skin, when cleaning.  BE SURE to opt for safe eco-friendly cleaners.
  • Be aware of how many soy products you consume and eat less.   SOY contains an endocrine disrupting substance called genistein.  Soy is a relatively new addition to our diet, soy milk, soy protein isolate is in many foods so you have to READ labels!  I do not eat or drink soy! Learn more about the concerns around soya

So when you are out shopping and asked to round up your bill to support breast cancer, or buy some pink item, have a think if you want to go pink.  I say “no thank you.”  I like to support charities that are working to educate on avoiding synthetic chemicals substances that are harmful, I prefer positive prevention strategies.

There is now a film out called “Pink Ribbons” and it is one to watch.


Do you think pink? Or are you not a fan of #pinkwashing either?

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