The Digital De-Stress Colouring Book

Enjoy some time to digitally de-stress with a screen-free moment in your day, all you need are some coloured pencils, and perhaps a nice cup of tea!

Digital De-Stress Colouring Book



What pencils to use?

I like Staedtler Norris Club pencils as well as Caran d’Ache pencils. I prefer pencils only as they are compostable rather than plastic! 

The Digital De-Stress Colouring book


Relax and enjoy colouring

The Digital De-Stress Colouring Book invites you to enjoy the simple pleasure of colouring in wherever you may be, on holiday, in a meeting or simply whilst enjoying a cup of something.   The Digital De-Stress Colouring Book Don’t worry if you colour outside the lines, we all do in life. Who says a leaf has to be green, why not enjoy mixing it up, play with only using blues, pinks or oranges and then deliberately colouring in contrasting colours.
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And a boring note…

All artwork in The Digital De-Stress Colouring Book is copyright  © Joanna Runciman, illustrated by Tom Chapman and although we are delighted for you to use the illustrations from The Digital De-Stress Colouring Book in any of your personal projects, they should not be used in any commercial applications or on items for sale. This basically means you can make a bookmark for a friend but don’t start selling them on Etsy or somewhere else as we’ll cry!

Be sure to share with us #digitaldestress so we can see your creations. Yes, we get the irony of asking!



Design work by

Illustrations by Tom Chapman

The Digital De-Stress Colouring Book Copyright 2015 Joanna Runciman.