The alchemy of multi-use skin care products

Get creative with your skin care

I love multi-use skin care products.  It is truly the best kept beauty secret, other than edible skin care ingredients.

lemonsWMIt is easier to mix and match products.

Who says coconut oil is only for the feet? I use coconut oil in my hair, I also eat it and I would not eat a regular store bought moisturiser with cyclopentasiloxane or parabens in!

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When is a serum not a serum?

When it is a cuticle cream or nourishing hair creme.  Don’t forget that a hand lotion can become a dry foot balm!

Buy less ingredients use them more

The joy of using ingredients that are multifunctional, such as shea butter, argan oil, aloe vera and coconut oil is that you can use them any which way you see fit.  Some you can even eat- which is really what all skin care products should be, edibleLearn about non-toxic skin care on a budget

oil for great nailsDon’t carry a ton of products, pick a clever one!

In my hand bag I have some argan oil with a few drops of geranium and lemon, at the moment…

It is in a handy little roller ball bottle.  This magical oil (recipe below) has many uses:

Cuticle oil or dry hand oil

Nourish the ends of my hair & smooth wayward strands

Brighten my lips

Give a gentle glow to my eye lids.

Similar ingredients in regular products too

Many ingredients in store bought products are incredibly similar, seeing as you are now an avid label reader you will know that, won’t you?

If you are not reading your labels- learn why reading labels is sensible.

The joy of the similar ingredients is that you can become an alchemist.  Mix and match, blend away and get creative.

When mixing stick with balms and simple oils to start with.

An oil serum will work well on the ends of your hair, clearly a lipstick won’t, you get the idea.

Yet, a lipstick will double up as a blusher, if you are like me and forget blusher most days, only to have people comment on what sunscreen I use (I don’t I am just pale) hence using a dab of lipstick to make me look rosier in the cheeks!

Argan oil roller ball recipe:

  • Find a clean roller ball bottle- you choose the size you like
  • Drop in two drops of your favourite essential oil
  • Fill roller ball bottle nearly to the top with argan oil, if you do not have argan oil, use apricot seed oil or sunflower oil
  • Put the lid on and bingo, it really is that easy! Ready for deployment to your handbag.

Are confused what is what on your skin care labels?

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Do you make your own skin care, what are your go-to multi-use ingredients?

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