January Links to peruse

January Links to peruse

January’s links to peruse about good food, simple living & non-toxic ideas.

I don’t drink diet drinks and this goes some way in explaining why.  Post from MyCulturedPlate.com asking “Are diet sodas making you fat?”

Coconut oil for teeth and gums

Coconut oil for teeth and gums

Uses of Coconut oil that you haven’t tried– from Empowered Sustenance.  I have tried most of them and agree that coconut oil is so versatile- the uses are endless.

Where to buy coconut oil

Hot Toddy recipe from Unchained Sunday.  A natural alternative perhaps for colds, flu or sore throat?  This might be a nice relief? Lemon, cloves and honey… yummy.

Whilst on the subject of flu- there’s a lot about- what about a Flu Tea, well it is not really tea- more stock actually?  HomeMadeMommy’s post No Flu ‘Tea’ is something I often have for lunch- making stock is so simple and it is delicious too.

There is also Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen’s top tips  on making bone broth. 

Confused what shampoo to buy? What about no shampoo, this post from The Polivka Family discusses beyond ‘no poo’ just water.  Not sure I’m ready for that quite yet!

Cast Iron Skillet- make it non-stick!

I love our iron skillets, just like non-stick but without the synthetic chemicals.

Learn how to get your Cast Iron Skillet to be non-stick with this great post from Healy RealFood Vegetarian

lemons can be used in skin care Moroccan Preserved Lemons..

I like fermented foods like sauerkraut and preserved lemons.  If fermented lemons sound good, then here is a great recipe from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen on how to make Morrocan preserved lemons.  Yummy!

Do you dream of less clutter?

Do you dream of living a more minimalist lifestyle, with more time on your hands to sit under a tree and read.

This post from Nourishing Minimalism might appeal?  7 Reasons to live a minimalist lifestyle. 

relax and rest under a treeNatural ideas for dying your hair

If you want to change the colour of your hair but would rather not use conventional dyes then this post may interest you.  Natural Hair Dye Methods and how to dye your hair naturally using things like coffee, tea, walnuts and chamomile!

Feeling thirsty, coffee or kombucha?

If you want a glass of kombucha to drink whilst your hair dye is working, then why not learn how to make  a basic kombucha recipe from RealFoodForager.

I enjoy a cup of coffee every so often, not everyday but when I feel like it.  This post from The Nourished Life discusses coffee and the pros and cons; Why I drink coffee every day.

And finally, hot chocolate- a homemade version that sounds yummy from “Voogtrecipes” Homemade Dutch Apple Pie blog.

One more, couldn’t resist…

don't criticise the croissant- it can't help being a carb!

I eat carbohydrates- potatoes, croissants, bread and even a slice of cake if I am at my Granny’s house.  I therefore quite like this article: Why carbs are not bad from Nourishing Roots.

Please note:  It is obvious really but still worth saying; these links are to specific articles that I have read and think you might like.  I am not endorsing all content on other websites.  Far from it.  Other content on external websites may contain opinions, information and article topics that I disagree with.

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