Stop comparing yourself to others

Be you, comparing yourself stinks!

I have often compared myself; she has great hair, her skin looks great, her life looks fabulous, on and on it goes.  My experience showed me that it does little good.

 A little motivation is one thing but constant comparisons can be consuming, unhealthy and exhausting. 

One of the best ways to overcome is replace comparing negative words with positives such as



I am enough

I am wonderfully made

I am where I need to be today

I have good things ahead of me.

Say it and then believe it

Stop comparing yourself to others – it is possible!


At first you may not believe it is possible to stop comparing yourself to others but replacing negative comparisons with positive words about your life works!


Speak positive words into your life, today.  Try it for a day and see what happens.  I know it works, as I have done it. 


Positive creates positive.

Be you today!

 Imagine a lifetime of positive words?  Have you overcome comparisons or perhaps you speak positive words into your life, what are your tips?

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