The Radiant Woman’s Handbook

The Radiant Woman’s Handbook shares ways to be radiant despite your busy life.


In the book you’ll discover how to be a ‘savvy’ label reader and avoid common toxic ingredients in your skin care and environment.

You’ll learn the importance of the words you use and how to use your words wisely and positively.

In this book you’ll learn why gratitude counts and why ‘living forward’ doesn’t work.

The Radiant Woman’s Handbook draws on my research from scientists, beauty experts and just old fashioned wisdom from my Grandmother in her 90s.


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The book is now out of print but there may be copies available on Amazon.

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Simplicity is a theme running through the book which shares sensible ways reduce toxins and love your body.

This book will teach you why:

Words have power – lots of it! – why your words matter and how to use your words to positively impact your life.

Worry and boundaries – discover why saying no isn’t mean.

Gratitude and living NOW – is important, how being thankful matters, how to be grateful and the power behind it.

Sleep – is the biggest health tip you might be missing out on.  How to get a good night’s sleep and why it is necessary.

Edible skin care benefits- why good, simple, skin care matters and what to use to create a non-toxic beauty regime, naturally.

Radiance in the home – isn’t complex, cleaning your home need not be toxic.

Acclaim for The Radiant Woman’s Handbook:

“A lovely spiritual guide to help you live a more radiant life, inside and out.” says Sophie Uliano, New York Times best-selling author of Gorgeously Green.

In The Radiant Woman’s Handbook, Joanna provides a very personal and pragmatic approach to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Bruce Lourie, co-author of Slow Death by Rubber Duck, Toxin Toxout, and detox views featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP!

Praise for The Radiant Woman's Handbook
The Radiant Woman’s Handbook should really be every woman’s new best friend! This warm, wise and inspired blueprint to a genuinely healthy and happy life will leave you glowing, naturally, from the inside out.”  Adria Vasil author of EcoHolic, EcoHolic Home and EcoHolic Body

Sensible advice written in a readily accessible manner.” Bruce Blumberg, PhD. Professor
Depts. of Developmental and Cell Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California

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The book is now out of print but there may be copies available on Amazon.



About the author

Joanna has lived in all over the world and sees the same pressures on women.

This immense pressure is to do it all, look flawless and to fit unrealistic moulds. This leads to unhappiness and apart from anything else isn’t sustainable.  Joanna suffered from chronic acne in her teens and twenties (over a decade) which led to low self-esteem.

Joanna  The Radiant Woman’s Handbook is the guide she wishes she had aged 25.

Joanna draws on her expertise as a life coach, trained chef and freelance writer to present  complex issues in an easily digestible way.

This refreshing and empowering read will inspire you.

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