Paying for pollution in your face cream?

Paying for pollution in your face cream?

what is in your face cream?Here’s the scoop…

The cosmetics industry is poorly regulated [1] and most ingredients are tested in isolation rather than in the quantities and formulations they actually appear in your shampoo, lotion or moisturiser.

So perhaps you are the guinea pig when you buy a drug store moisturiser?

What about ‘natural’ or ‘pure’ products?

When buying skin care you have to be vigilant. Green Washing is big business nowadays.

That said there are many fabulous ranges of skin care, that are using genuinely natural ingredients without any harmful synthetic chemicals, on the market and the key to choosing skin care is read your labels.

How to avoid being caught out when shopping?

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With attractive sounding labels on skin creams; natural, pure, botanical, effective and organic, and not knowing what is and what isn’t okay it can feel like a facial wash and serum mine field.

Do you know the feeling, standing in the store wondering what is the best thing to buy?

Fear not!  Help is at hand.

I have been had by green washing in the past and don’t want you to be, so I created a fab (if I do say it myself) little card for you it’s business card size and you can take it shopping to avoid the pitfalls of relentless advertising of creams with ingredients that do not live up to the hype.

Get the Smart Woman’s guide to ingredients:

Want to remember the names that you are wise to avoid, like phthalates, parabens and others, then good news, you can get this card by subscribing to my newsletter. You’ll also get a free ebook too on how to avoid toxins in skin care.

I give this card to those that subscribe to my newsletter and you can simply download it and print it, you can even share with your girlfriends.

I am keen that more women learn how to avoid, paying a high price for, synthetic chemicals.

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[1] Safe Cosmetics information about FDA rules on skincare.

Learn more about phthalates in skin care and why they are even an issue

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