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  • Enjoy hygge in your life

    The weather has been wet and grey, which is the perfect time to embrace some “hygge” each day. Here’s how to enjoy hygge in your life. Hygge (pronounced: “who ger”) is a fundamental part of Danish culture, loosely translated to “a comfortable feeling” rather than a specific act. Hygge is enjoyed all year round anywhere; […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • Three ways to get better sleep

    rest is important, make time for rest www.Actualorganics.com

    It’s begun: the New Year’s diet-talk. Detox diets and superfoods are whizzing about social media, hotly followed by celebrity diet secrets. None of these social media pictures mention sleep. At this time of year it’s far easier to get valuable sleep as the afternoon darkness means bedtime is thoroughly appealing! Three ways to get better […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • Find your own rhythm this year

    how to reduce stress and feel better today

    We are unique. I doubt there is, contrary to what you might have been led to believe, one size that fits all. It’s time to find your own rhythm this year We all have unique habits, sleeping and eating patterns and genetics. Yes there are similarities, but we do ourselves a disservice if we seek […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • The essential vitamin J joy

    What is cooking in the kitchen? A round up of yummy recipes to make at home. www.ActualOrganics.com

    There is so much conflicting diet advice today. “Good” and “bad” foods alter monthly. One minute butter is the villain then it’s vindicated as “good.” The following week coffee takes the stand. Who’s up next month? Such polarized information is strangely popular; it fills airtime, web and magazine pages and “life-changing” programs. The essential vitamin […]