Nourished Kitchen’s Grain-free baking sweets and treats

How much sugar is too much?

Do you like biscuits, cakes and sweets?

I like them occasionally.

I used to think they were dreadful, awful things to be avoiding at all costs; thanks to far too many years of reading books slating sugar as the cause for many illnesses and issues in life.  Too much of anything is unwise, too much sugar and biscuits, cakes and sweet treats is unwise too, simply as we need a balanced diet.  Moderation, moderation, moderation!

moderation is key when it comes to sugar

Yet, maybe it is my age and I am mellowing, or maybe I am just able to see both sides of the argument? Now, I do enjoy a biscuit with a cup of tea more than I used to.

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Packet biscuits can have curious ingredients(whatever happened to just flour, butter, eggs and sugar?) but if you make biscuits yourself or a sweet then you know what is going into it.

It can be a fun way for children to get involved and make something delicious whilst having a maths lesson.

How much flour do we need?

If we doubled it how much would we have? You get the idea.

A lady, called Jenny, writes for Nourished Kitchen,  she always has such beautiful photographs on her blog and now she has created a book called The Nourished Kitchen Guide to Grain-free & Dairy-free Baking, Sweets and Treats.

Had I got this post out earlier it would have been $18 in February.  I am sorry.  (I am thick into checking all the references for my book and did not get there.)  Jenny’s book is currently $27.

A long winter walk followed by a cup of teaIf, like me, you go for long walks (in the bitterly cold weather) and come home and fancy a cup of tea and a little something but don’t want to spoil your supper but tucking into toast and jam or Marmite (for the British among you) then why not have a look at Jenny’s book.

Order your Guide to Grain-Free & Dairy-Free Baking, Sweets and Treats.

I am not an affiliate for her book, I am merely letting you know as she writes great recipes and I thought you might like to see the book.

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