Non toxic household cleaner, easy to make and it works

Do you want to save money on household cleaning products?

Do you want to clean your house with non-toxic ingredients?

Fortunately these simple ingredients mean you can make an inexpensive, non-toxic, household cleaner at home, with ease, and get cleaning without the toxic ingredients.  The best part is that it works really well.


You will need these four ingredients:


150g Baking soda

50mls Castile soap (I use Dr Bronners but other companies make it too)

A dash of glycerin- available at most chemists or likely Amazon

An old plastic sauce bottle or a plastic tub to store the cleaner.  Put all the items in the squeezy bottle, put the lid on and shake well.  If you leave the lid off this will likely solidify – remember to use the lid!

I also really like this collection of DIY cleaning recipes.


It really is that simple!


Simple cleaning solutions without the worry of "is it safe?" ingredients like castile soap, baking soda and essential oils. Learn more at

If you like a ‘smell’ to associate with cleaning then add one drop of lemon essential oil.  That will give a hint of freshness without being over-powering as so many cleaning products can be.

Having used the all-purpose cleanser be sure to wipe off with a damp cloth to ensure no baking soda is left on your surfaces.

Use this (as you would any cleaning product sensibly) test on a tiny area on precious surfaces and use a small amount. You don’t need oodles of product to clean.  This is not an antibacterial product.


There are more household cleaning ideas in my recently published book ‘The Radiant Woman’s Handbook‘ learn more about it.

Action Point:

Watch the quick video on how to make a

Non toxic household cleaner

Start saving money and cleaning without toxic synthetic chemical ingredients!


If you want to see a full video of how to make the non-toxic household cleaner watch me on television making the cleaner below:

Have you used baking soda and castile soap to clean your home?



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