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One of Joanna’s hobbies is writing, she writes a newspaper column  ‘non-toxic living’ and the articles appear fortnightly in a regional newspaper in Canada.

cropped-cropped-Joanna2013-puppy.jpgJoanna writes about simplifying life, enjoying good food (she’s a trained chef) and living a more balanced life.

Joanna has appeared on Vancouver Breakfast Television, in USA Today, in numerous on-line magazines and articles, including Discovery Fit and Health, Mint Life and She Knows.

Joanna wrote The Radiant Woman’s Handbook published in 2013, she currently is enjoying a break from writing books.

Joanna is a judge on the Cert Clean skin care awards 2015, yet she believes we need less skin care than is marketed to us! Skin care can be simple.

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Breakfast Television Vancouver: “Skin care from the pantry” part of Cornucopia festival in Whistler. November 2013.  In 2015, at Cornucopia’s Nourish retreat Joanna hosted the “Ageing Gracefully” panel and also presented a seminar on “Simplifying your Food and Life.”



580 CFRA in Ottawa, Canada discussing the ‘book of the week

CFAX 1070 radio interview. Vancouver Island: 1st November 2013.

On-line website interviews and magazine articles:

mint life. frugal ways to save moneyHow to extend the life of food on its last leg – read it here

Discovery fit and health featuring Joanna RuncimanHow to make a home-made face mask.

all parenting magazine  Food bloggers share what to do with strawberries.

How to make a home-made face mask.

Radiant Woman’s Handbook book review (Feb 2014)

Women's Voices for the Earth 7 beauty mistakes you don’t know you are making. Women’s Voices for the Earth

Bone Broth Recipe NBC’s “Health Goes Strong” website

Flour Sack Mama book review.


National and regional newspapers:

USA Today newsUSA Today United States.  An article on removing toxins from children’s products.

mcclatchy tribune newspapersMcClatchy-Tribune Newspapers Chemical Reaction- thinking about what you put in and on your body will make you go organic

Pique news magazinePique News Magazine  Chef’s Choice:

How to Avoid Slow Death By Rubber Duck with Bruce Lourie

The Georgia Straight The Georgia Straight. Vancouver, Canada. Healthy, sexy goodies to put under the tree.

“Non-Toxic Living” column in The Question Newspaper:

I’ve written for The Question newspaper since 2012 –

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