How to look after your teeth and gums naturally

clean your teeth naturally

Many of us want a healthy, shiny white smile

Perhaps you are confused by which toothpaste to use?

This blog post discusses toothpastes and ways to look after your teeth and gums naturally.

The fluoride debate has been rumbling for years; some highlight benefits others dangers and it is quite a controversial issue.  I don’t like all the fear-based marketing; I prefer choosing simple skin care and toothpaste.


I keep myteeth and gums happy without fluoride, triclosan or sodium lauryl sulfate  -or in Europe it is spelt sodium lauryl sulphate!

Coconut oil in toothpaste- nicer than triclosan!

Whitening techniques and toothpastes can contain synthetic chemicals, I feel I am wise to avoid them.


Looking after your teeth and gums naturally is easy.

With many natural solutions available today there is little excuse to still be using synthetic chemical laden products.

Mouth Ulcers and canker sores- oww!

Did you know that sodium lauryl suphate (SLS) is thought to contribute to mouth ulcers (canker sores)?

Studies at the Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo, Norway found those using a SLS containing toothpaste suffered more ulcers than those using an SLS-free dentifrices (toothpaste to you and I).  Their conclusions were “it is suggested that the denaturing effect of SLS on the oral mucin layer, with exposure of the underlying epithelium, induces an increased incidence of RAU (recurrent aphthous ulcers).” [1]

When I used a regular toothpaste (containing SLS) I used to get very painful mouth ulcers regularly.  Funnily enough, when I stopped and switched to a SLS-free, genuinely natural toothpaste I stopped getting mouth ulcers. I was so pleased.


Natural tooth pastes and oils to choose:

Ora Wellness:

I now use Ora Wellness brushing blend (affiliate link) as it is such a small little bottle that lasts ages and ages and is lighter for travelling.  The essential oils in it are peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, clove and manuka.

I use a Bass toothbrush.  It is easy to use and cheap – they cost $2.75 as opposed to $7.99!  Happy for a frugal alternative.

orawellness for happy teeth without fluoride or triclosan

Are you brushing your teeth too hard?

You can harm your gums by cleaning too vigorously, or so my dentist says.  Pretty obviously really.  Gently cleaning your teeth is wise.

I used to have a couple of receding gums.  I am sure it was due to too vigorous brushing and that toothbrush was more technical than a modern car- jazzy bristles which claimed to clean where no toothbrush had ever cleaned and all that malarkey.

I started using Ora Wellness (affiliate link) tooth oil brushing blend and a very simple Bass toothbrush.

The Bass Brushing Technique was created by Dr Charles C. Bass [2]  who had periodontal disease and did many studies into the finer details of mouth saliva and gum disease.  He found that the bad bugs reside near the gum line and that toothbrushes with too many bristles were ineffective.

He started to remove bristles from toothbrushes, and then developed the Bass Brush.


The Bass Brushing Technique explained:

Brushing along the gum line is apparently the best way to reduce numbers of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

The Bass Brush has far fewer bristles and the bristles are rounded to be more gentle.  The Bass brush, when used correctly, is a gentle way to keep the mouth and gums healthy.

The Bass brushing technique is micro brushing, very lightly and briskly but not pressing hard on the teeth or gums.  It is a fine motor-skill.

Bass brushing alongside the Ora Wellness  (affiliate link) brushing blend can ensure that the detrimental bacteria (or bad bugs) are kept under control.

Antibacterial oils in Ora Wellness:

The brushing blend contains cinnamon (an antioxidant), peppermint, spearmint, clove, manuka and myrhh; all of which are known for the antibacterial and breath freshening qualities.  A couple of drops is all you need!

Cinammon has been shown by research conducted in New Zealand to demonstrate that the essential oil has the greatest antimicrobial potency against Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. [3]

The OraWellness tooth cleaning is different to what you are used to but I find it works. I bought a pack containing an Ora Wellness brushing blend oil, Bass toothbrush and a tongue cleaner for ensuring a clean set of teeth and mouth.

Learn how to use the Bass brushing technique with this video:

Natural toothpastes:

Other toothpaste options are the “EarthPaste” (affiliate link) from Redmond Trading; containing clay, which is absorbent and doesn’t scratch according to Redmond.

Earthpaste an alternative toothpaste without fluoride or triclosan

Clay can also (according to Michel Abehsera in his book “The Healing Power of Clay”) lift off dulling film and removes mouth odours naturally and acts as a gum stimulant.

I have tried the Earth Paste in cinnamon flavour (essential oil) and it is really good.  I still use it but not everyday; I like the way that my mouth feels very clean and refreshed.

Learn more about clay.

Miessence (affiliate link) make a superb baking soda toothpaste; mint, lemon and anise flavours (pure organic essential oils).  I used Miessence toothpaste for many years.  It contains salt, like EarthPaste, which is naturally an antibacterial agent.

I find that the OraWellness or Earthpaste are very gentle.

So there are options for cleaning and looking after your teeth and gums naturally– without synthetic chemicals, triclosan and artificial sweeteners.

Don’t forget to eat well too!

You only get one set of teeth- care for them well.  Remember, good teeth can not be attributed simply to a toothpaste or brush. Obvious really!  You MUST eat well too! Get rest, relaxation, sleep and all those sensible things. Chicken stock is rich in calcium and magnesium –  teeth need these essential minerals!

Learn about sugar and perhaps if you eat a lot consider eating less?




[1] Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and recurrent aphthous ulcers. A preliminary study.

[2] Learn more about Dr Charles C. Bass on wikipedia.

[3] 1.  Filoche SK, Soma K, Sissons CH.  Antimicrobial effects of essential oils in combination with chlorhexidine digluconate. Dental Research Group, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Otago, New Zealand.  Oral Microbiol Immunol.  2009 Oct;24(5):411-6.


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