How to get radiant skin without looking oily

I was asked this question again last week:

How do I get radiant skin without looking like an oil slick?

Thankfully the answer is very simple.  You can love your skin and look radiant with ease but you need to know this first.

Skin care consumerism is big today and here is why:

First, most skin care products on the market today are using ingredients that are new inventions.  A way to tap into a market that is ripe and ready and willing to pay.

wasting money on advertisingToday conventional, organic and natural skin care is seriously BIG business, billion dollar turnovers.

With women spending millions of dollars on skin care the industry doesn’t look set to slow down creating products that are, very often, marketing and a sexy box.

Have a think to how much more ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ skin care you have seen marketed recently?

It is quite likely a lot?

Much of what is available the body doesn’t need.  Think about how multi-use products can not only save you money but also use less resources.

Beauty 1930s style

I was given a book called “The New Home Encyclopedia” written in the 1930s.

The recommended beauty regime is wonderfully simple: warm water, rinsing, gentle cleansing cream or olive oil, a clay mask once a fortnight, but most of all get good food, fresh air, exercise, sunshine, sleep and a happy disposition.

The hair care advice was ridiculous by today’s standards of daily washing.

Care for the skin in the 1930s wasn’t with the mass of products we have on offer today; lip plumping, body toning, skin refining, truly?

 “How to get radiant skin without looking oily?”

The answer is literally:

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Do less to your skin

How many products do you use on your skin each day?

Five? Ten? More? How many ingredients are collectively being used on your body in a day?

Be brave and use oil!

I know that sounds crazy but oil (as I mentioned in my oil cleansing post) works with the skin.

It seems wise to use oil to clean the skin, as many women have done for years.

My 1930’s book says “when the skin is dull and muddy-looking use pure olive oil, which will not cause hair to grow.  Rub the oil well into the skin, let it remain ten minutes then remove with a cleansing cloth (flannel).  Bathe the skin with warm oatmeal water which, when dry, leaves a slight veneer of powder on the skin.”

Use Edible ingredients

Not the sodium lauryl sulphate, dimethicone and ‘fragrance‘ in many products today!

Oils that are can be used on the skin; organically grown jojoba oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil – available at any good health food shop.

Ask an expert: Helena Lane

Helena Lane skin care

From talking with Helena Lane, creator of the Helena Lane skin care range, the castor oil is not even really needed. “It is quite sticky!”  Helena feels that jojoba oil is best as it is as close to our natural sebum in composition and texture. (This helps it to regulate oil production as well as cleanse the face).

If you want to buy a product her ‘Helena Lane’ skin care range is available at Wholefoods Market, Vancouver and on Canadian orders over $25 this Christmas there is free shipping!

The products are so lovely, it might well be easy to spend over $25!

Her Lavender and Lime cleanser is simple, calming and astonishingly effective.

Money Saver:  Or you can Do It Yourself with jojoba oil.  Rudimentary but it works and why pay for synthetic chemicals when jojoba oil works?

I also like Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm.

Simply cleanse that’s it!

massage your faceAt night:

  • Soak a wash cloth in a basin of warm water.
  • Relax as you cover your face.
  • Add a pea size pour of jojoba oil.
  • Thoroughly massage into your face and neck.
  • Sense your feet as you massage, relax your jaw.  Massage for two or more minutes.
  • Fill a clean basin with fresh warm water.  Rinse with the warm flannel.
  • Enjoy tapping gently all over your face.
  • If your face feels really dry then use a little, (size of a pea maximum) of argan or sea buckthorn oil or you can use Argan oil serum or tamanu nut oil.

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Have you tried the traditional oil cleansing method?

Are you afraid of oil on the skin?  What are your cleansing tips?

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