Disconnect this month

Disconnect this month, and beyond.

Recently I’ve seen people unable to disconnect even whilst crossing the road.  They cross the road oblivious to their surroundings; a car turning into the road and the person looking at their phone totally unaware a car is there. To top it all, this week I saw a lady (yes it was you in the red car) burn through a red light whilst texting. Scary stuff.

We appear to be addicted to our phones. Thus, I propose that August is the month to disconnect. If you are here on holiday then disconnecting is a must.

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Learn how to disconnect this month

The average person checks their phone over a hundred times a day. Canadians spend an average of 36.5 hours a month online. According to Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s media and telecom regulator, 59 per cent of Britons are ‘hooked’ on their phones. Many said browsing the Internet resulted in missed sleep.

Data on your phone means you’re buzzed at, notified and pinged at all day (and night) long. It is time to enjoy a break – a real ‘no-screen’ break. Until you’ve tried it you don’t know what you’re missing!

Cognitive failure?

Dr. Lee Hadlington, from Leicester’s De Montfort University in the U.K., discovered the more times a person uses the Internet or their mobile phone, the more likely one is to experience “cognitive failures,” general lack of awareness of surroundings, including forgetting why you have just gone from one part of the house to the other.

The brain needs down time – sleep and periods of rest, nowadays sleep is often curtailed by the lure of Netflix or the Internet. Sound familiar?

This August, and beyond, why not enjoy a bike ride, dinner with friends, a walk or a picnic ‘phone-free’? Put the phone on silent and leave it in your backpack.

We need to disconnect long enough to reset our daily habits. Social media makes many people feel guilty, or sanctimonious, about their body or the food they eat. These ongoing comparisons we put ourselves through are equal to a thief of joy.

Uninstall social media

Uninstall Facebook or Instagram from your phone and see how much more time you have. Give it a go and discover feeling better without constant updates of what other people are doing.

Living here we get to experience the most beautiful countryside for free: biking in the hills, picnics in the park, walking along the valley trails or sitting on a bench watching the world go by.

In August why not leave the phone on silent and ignore the digital world vying for your attention, whilst you explore the natural world around you.

Reconnect to experiencing things without taking pictures and see how it feels. It may well be the secret ingredient for an enjoyable summer that you are looking for. Maybe? Or you could Google: “How to have a relaxing summer in B.C.?” You choose.

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– First published by The Question newspaper: http://www.whistlerquestion.com/opinion/columnists/non-toxic-living-unplugging-to-plug-into-life-1.2318682#sthash.VRRuT0hi.dpuf