Great non-toxic articles you won’t want to miss in September

September it is has been so warm I am just loving the e x t e n d e d summer.

Here are some interesting posts from other non toxic, real food bloggers that are well worth reading.

So grab a cup of tea, settle down and prepare to learn lots!

6 Tips to help you kick sugar

What I’m talking about is the most socially acceptable drug we have around… SUGAR.

Sugar is in so many foods but getting rid of it from your diet can be a challenge, these tips may help.

Tips to help you kick sugar


Discover why bone broth is beneficial.

I make stock (or bone broth as some call it) most weeks.  I use my slow cooker and the broth pops and bubbles away for a few days.  I then freeze the now jellied stock in ice cube trays for easy use later.  For someone that walks, dances, skis and wants to remain fit, I LOVE bone broth.

Bone broth is cheap to make but a staple in any savvy woman’s kitchen.

p.s. if you are vegan you might want to skip to the shampoo post!
Read Benefits of Bone Broth

Learn to make DIY all natural shampoo

Learn to make natural ‘shampoo’

Learn how to make your own shampoo, if that is your thing.

(This recipe uses my favourite go-to Castile soap and avocado oil, simple stuff, non toxic too!)

Read how to make your DIY all natural shampoo

Make DIY Deodorant with milk of magnesia

I have not tried this home-made DIY deodorant idea.  I use a Miessence deodorant which I love, it is an easy roll on and works.  However the lovely Meghan on her blog “Whole Natural Life” has come up with the somewhat unorthodox deodorant solution that is working for her; milk of magnesia!

Learn more about milk of magnesia as a deodorant

And finally…

Learn all about fermented foods

This article covers your questions on all things fermenting, such as why eat fermented foods and what are they?.  Discover what different types of fermented foods are and how to use them. Over to Lindsey creator of the blog HomeMadeMommy.

What are fermented foods?

So that is the round up of September articles about the globe and I hope you enjoy them, there will be more next month.

Until then have a read of this post on coconut oil and different uses on the body, and be sure to comment whether you agree or not!


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