Find out why oil might just be your skin’s best friend

Reveal soft, naturally radiant skin

Cleansing is something many of us do each day but is the ritual of cleansing actually doing more harm than good?

Is there a simple, cheap way to cleanse your skin that allows balance & saves you time in the morning?

castoroilOil might just be your skin’s best friend

I used to use Miessence’s balancing cleanser  and for those of you not into making your own it’s a good cleanser but in my drive to consume less and live more simply I started thinking about making my own skincare.  Oil is commonly something many women are apprehensive to use on their skin; worries about spots are one reason and the ‘oil-free’ marketing doesn’t help but you have no reason to fear using oil on your skin.

Oil Cleansing Method?

I had heard from a few women that the oil cleansing method (OCM) was effective.

The OCM method uses a blend of castor oil (the beautiful plant on the left) and either extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil to gently cleanse the face.  I was sceptical as castor oil is very sticky.

Initially I disregarded the whole OCM idea thinking I have far better things to do with my time but now it is something I am conscious of and willing to try, not least as a cleanser is $50.65 for 250mls and the OCM works out at about $18.30 for 100mls of castor oil and 500mls of organic olive oil.

This will last for months and months and months!  Money saving tip!

I set about to make my own cleanser from castor oil & extra virgin olive oil and to make it a bit more feminine I added three drops of organic mandarin essential oil.  Next time I might add lavender or ylang ylang.  The fun of making your own skincare is you can personalise it.

Oil on my skin, are you serious?

Pouring oilI was hugely skeptical at first, having had acne for years (in my youth) the idea that I would use oil on my skin was laughable.   I decided I had nothing to lose and made the OCM blend: two parts castor oil to eight parts olive oil.

As crazy as it might have felt, I have found it works and having cleansed my skin I don’t really have to do much else to it.

I have been doing this for a few weeks now and it has been really cold here, lots of bitter winds and snow but my skin is looking good and feels wonderfully soft.

I also spend less time at night on my face but the massage is really lovely.

UPDATE:  I have also used simply jojoba oil which works well without the sticky castor oil.

washing your face naturally

washing your face naturally

Discover how to make a simple castor oil cleanser:

For oily skin.  A blend of 30% castor oil to 70% extra virgin olive oil or organic sunflower oil

Balanced skin. Blend 20% castor oil to 80% extra virgin olive oil or organic sunflower oil

Dry Skin. Blend 10% castor oil to 90% extra virgin olive oil

So for balanced skin that would equate to 20 millilitres (mls) of castor oil and 80 mls sunflower oil, for example.


The key is to rub into dry skin and then massage it in.

  • What is also nice is to relax whilst massaging your face.  Focusing on appreciation of your skin not criticism!
  • Warm a flannel (wash cloth) in a basin of hot-warmish water and smooth off the oil.
  • Dry with a soft towel.

You can learn more at The Oil Cleansing Method website

If you are in Great Britain then you can get castor oil from Aromantic, or perhaps your local chemist?  In Canada, Rexal pharmacy has castor oil, bottom shelf near the Epsom salts!

I got some funny looks buying castor oil as it is traditionally used as a laxative but that is a small price to pay for radiant skin! ;-)

Please let me know how you get on, or perhaps you already use the OCM and love it, or did you try it and hate it?

Do you have tips for those just starting with the OCM?

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10 thoughts on “Find out why oil might just be your skin’s best friend

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  • 9 April, 2012 at 09:03

    Nearly a month of the Oil Cleansing Method and so far so good. The skin certainly had a time where it was adjusting but now it has normalised. My skin is clear, it looks more radiant and it is so easy to cleanse.
    This OCM is cheap to do; although I would actually buy a certified organic castor oil extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil for the next batch.

    • 12 April, 2012 at 07:22

      I’m glad to hear it is still working good for you. I am on day #2 of OCM. I mixed 1/4tsp. castor oil to 1/2 tsp. EVOO. I think I’m going to add another 1/4 tsp. EVOO. After my January detox, my skin was radiant. Now I have little acne bumps all over my forehead and red, bumpy checks. It is something in my diet, but I’m really hoping OCM can help simplify things too. Thanks for the update!

  • 22 March, 2012 at 01:39

    I was using the OCM until my friend, who also practices homeopathy, mentioned constant exposure to castor oil can be toxic for your body. Any thoughts on this?

    • 22 March, 2012 at 16:59

      I spoke to a homeopath I work with today and she said that as it is castor oil in the raw state and not a remedy then it is fine, there also is not the intention when using castor oil in its raw state whereas a remedy is a different story. I hope that reassures you.

  • 18 March, 2012 at 20:34

    I tried OCM once for a maybe a week and my skin got quite blotchy. However, I think I needed more olive oil. I have both ingredients on hand again and have been seriously considering giving it a try again. My problem is I’m horrible at washing my face daily in the evenings. I always wash it in the morning when I shower. Do you think if I massaged the oils in prior to showering, showered and then wiped off the oils at the end of the shower, it would work? Please update us on how it is going for you in another couple of weeks.

    • 22 March, 2012 at 22:57

      Michelle, I have done the oil cleansing method exactly as you described: prior to a shower rub the oils in, massage, then shower and wipe off with a wash cloth, I found it worked well.
      Will update you on OCM progress but so far so good..

  • 15 March, 2012 at 00:56

    Hi Joanna,
    I’ve been using a combo of the Miessence cleanser and alternating with the Oil Cleansing Method. As much as I love the Miessence cleanser, I’ve found that my skin feels cleaner when I use the OCM. The massage is important, but the hot steamy compress to remove the oil is actually the most enjoyable part for me and really seems to make the difference. Just don’t make it too hot!
    I’ve found a great oil from Moogoo ( – they are an Australian company and they have different blends based on whether your skin is dry, oily, normal etc. I believe it’s the castor oil that has the drawing properties so the amount changes depending on your skin type. I think I’ll stick with the OCM once my Miessence cleanser runs out – especially over the coming Winter!

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