Dr Alkaitis organic skin food skin care review

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”™

is what Dr Alkaitis says and frankly, I could not agree more.

I bought a few skin care products from Dr Alkaitis back in April and they were kind enough to also send a sample pack.  The samples lasted an amazingly long time, the pack is perfect for a two week trip or three if you are abstemious.

dr alkaitis skin care reviewThis is high end skin care, the packaging is smart and it arrived wrapped in tissue paper!

Price wise, if you buy well known department store skin care products Dr Alkaitis skincare is the same price.  I’d buy this instead, the ingredients are good enough to eat, certified organic or wild crafted.

Learn why that matters

Dr Alkaitis’ products, for me, win over the more traditional high end skin care ranges.

The Organic Purifying Facial cleanser is actually a saponified castile cleansing base with coconut, jojoba and shea, castor oil, sesame and olive oil.  Olive oil traditionally was used to cleanse the face and I can see why – it works well.

Dr Alkaitis organic skin food skin care review

The smell is simple, natural not overpowering, refreshing without being fake.  Nothing about Dr Alkaitis’ skin care is fake.  Reading the comprehensive ingredients list that comes with the products – you will find no ‘natural moisture base’ on the label here – a get out clause by some companies to hide what’s really  in the lotion!

I can tell that someone has really thought about what to put in these skin care products.   The packaging is green and yet in Europe the packaging is silver.  I prefer the green actually.

Follow the cleanser with the toner, it is astringent, anti-inflammatory and heals burns according to their literature.  it is essentially aloe vera, witch hazel and herbs with grain alcohol.  Honestly I’d prefer just aloe vera and witch hazel.  The toner was my least favourite product, but I followed the toner with the organic day creme.  I really liked it, love is a strong word but I really liked it.  It is light, smells soothing.  That quite likely is the shea butter, aloe vera, marigold blossoms and St John’s wort flowers.  This organic day creme is a superb base for below a foundation or the skin looks fresh and smooth without.

The night creme is like the day creme in packaging, see left, only a bit more nourishing and thicker in consistency.

They both come in handy pumps, no spills and they are airtight, designed to keep the air away preserving the shea butter aloe vera, carrot seed, jojoba, olive and natural vitamins that are in the night creme.

I have not been one for a night creme much in the past, I guess I associate them with night caps and cocoa- don’t ask me why? I don’t know.  I actually used the night creme during the day on cold days which was more nourishing and I still looked fresh faced at the end of the day.

The organic nourishing treatment oil is very oily going on but don’t let that put you off, as then (as if by magic) it sinks into the skin, leaving a moisturised, soothed skin that looks radiant.  It is great for using when doing a facial massage or eye massage (learn why eye massage is important) and I actually like to use it at night, or even combine a few drops into the night creme.

The soothing gel is great for spots or a cut, sting etc.  It has aloe vera, myrhh, chamomile, nettle, seaweed and frankincense- no gold though!

The masks are really my favourite part of the range though, hands down, the Dr Alkaitis face masks win.  The good folks at Dr Alkaitis HQ are wise, they are not (unlike many companies) shipping masks that are pre-made; they are sending dry ingredients and then sharing how you can use organic, local honey or organic yoghurt (rich in enzymes) to make the mask up at home.  Yes, that isn’t as convenient as squeezing a tube BUT you don’t get the synthetic chemical preservatives that are often used when there is water involved.  This dry face mask is a brilliant way to be more eco-friendly and provide more of an active mask for the end user.

The mask really did wonders for my skin, rich in strawberries, bilberry, blueberries and tumeric, it brightens the skin and is said, in their literature, to be an effective anti-aging mask.  Hello, I’ll take that!  The Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is the business if you want to brighten your complexion prior to a night out or even just because you wish to.

Or if buying a $55 face mask is too much you can also make your own mask with strawberries during summer, nothing like a breakfast face mask!  However if you want indulgence without the mashing strawberries Dr Alkaitis’ face masks are lovely.

Luxury skin care for glowing skin

My skin looked amazing when I was using the products and it is great to use skin care that is organic, raw, living and therapeutic, as their literature says, I prefer that to synthetic chemicals any day.

If effective skin care is a priority in your life and you want to know you are using good ingredients without the nasties, then Dr Alkaitis is a wonderful choice.  Dr Alkaitis’ skin care is used by stars and celebrities and truly is a luxury range but if price is no object then enjoy.  Quite likely your skin will love you for it.

Disclosure: I am not paid to write this review.  I write occasional reviews when the products are good and I like their ingredients and think you might too.  I was given some little samples by them but I did place an order with them which I paid for in full.

Why pay for toxic chemicals when you can buy products that are organic and raw?

Have you used Dr Alkaitis skincare?  What is your favourite skin care ingredient?


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  1. dieta says:

    Shea butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids – a natural protector from UV rays, it also penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate collagen production and the skin’s natural renewal process. It is non-greasy and is used to restore elasticity, and to soften and moisturize dry or damaged skin. Japanese scientists have recently discovered that rooibos tea contains a counterpart of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.) – an antioxidant that attacks free radicals and limits their damaging effects on the skin. Jojoba oil is used to deeply penetrate and restore your skin’s structure, and to help reduce wrinkles, scars, and even oily skin. Aloe can penetrate three epidermal layers into the skin, driving nutrients and moisture deeper. It is packed with polysaccharides – naturally occurring compounds that promote healing and fight inflammation. Evening primrose oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids and is used to reduce skin discolorations, wrinkles, fine lines, and to lighten dark circles around the eyes.

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