Deal with the stress of Christmas

survive the stress of Christmas with these tips from Actual Organics

I love Christmas but I also realise for some it can be very stressful, so here are a few tips on how to deal with the stress of Christmas. In no particular order:

Have a theme of simplicity.

Happy New Year from Actual OrganicsJesus was born in a stable, not a glitzy, pricey, place!

It is just modern marketing that has told us we have to have it all perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist.

What may seem like a big deal maybe isn’t.

I make spaghetti sauce in a saucepan, an old boyfriend made it in a frying pan but both ways actually work!

The way you do things in your house is one way and the way your family do their things is their way.

I have learnt to let things like that go, can you?  Your Christmas memories may not be someone else’s so can you embrace “living now”?


Gratitude as I say in my book (buy it here – affiliate link) is powerful stuff.

Gratitude not only benefits you but encourages us to appreciate what we have already without striving to buy more or wishing away time.

Gratitude can be a life changing habit, learn about 30 days to change your life!


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Can you smile when frowning is what you feel like doing? I have been doing my best at this, still working on it! Aren’t we all?

We all see things differently and when emotions are involved with family it can seem really important but is it? How can I choose kindness instead?

What about, listening when someone is talking?  Silence rather than unkind words.  Patience where possible?

 Appreciate frugal giving

Survive the stress of Christmas with these tips from Actual OrganicsMany are hard up this Christmas; increasing electricity bills, job losses and illness can lead to financial hardship which makes a time of gift giving seem even more stressful.

Deal with the stress of Christmas by realising that, as my Mum says:

[quote]“it is the thought that counts not the price tag”[/quote]

Wise advice.  See our frugal gift guide here. You may not get all the presents you want but that is okay.  (see Gratitude point above!) 😉

Slow down and chill out

As you know I love a cup of tea, lying on the sofa with a book and my puppy at my feet.  Rest is vital.

Sleep is vital too.

Silence and time out for YOU is important when you have family about.  Even if you rest for ten minutes, claim that time for you.  Perhaps take the dog for a walk or do some eye palming.  Anything to allow your brain to slow down and rest.

Invite neighbours to tea

What about those in the area who are elderly, lonely or grieving?  Can you invite a neighbour to tea? Christmas can be a jolly time of year but for those who live alone, or are depressed, or lonely it can be a horrid time of year.  Feelings of isolation and sadness can be overwhelming.

What about a cup of tea? Could you invite someone you know lives nearby who lives alone over for tea? Just a warm cup of tea with another human being can be very comforting, time to be listened to and a little fellowship.

Forgive yourself and others

Expectations of the perfect Christmas can lead to people feeling let down and negative emotions surface.  Simplify it.  Can you just let sleeping dogs lie, forgive and move on? Just as Christmas last year was a challenge with a family member doesn’t necessarily mean this year will be. The words we say are very powerful and I have a whole chapter on that in my book.

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I talk about the power of forgiveness in my book, learn more about the book here.

Read about the power to Forgive and why that is so important.

Wishing you, your family, neighbours and friends a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.