Coconut oil uses for the teeth and body

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  1. They are all good questions you pose, to which I do not know the answers. Let us know if you find them out.

  2. This new research s really exciting, huh? I had been wondering if the pulling (swishing for extended periods) is required for any health benefits because it gives your saliva enzymes enough time to break the oil down into the substances that can clean your mouth. Maybe in the future, those who can’t handle 20 mins of swishing, can buy pre-treated oil that can be applied topically and left on the teeth and gums, or just swished briefly. I wonder what sort of enzymes are used to break down the oil? Would be fun to experiment, but it’s not really remotely my area of expertise. Still, very interested to see what developments along these lines come next!

  3. Thank you for sharing, it is wonderful to read that you have had good results with coconut oil pulling, Marg. I am glad, too, that dental hygienists are seeing the results in clients.

  4. I started coconut oil pulling about 3 months ago after years of bleeding gums. Within a month the bleeding stopped. I went for my dental hygienist appointment and for the first time remarked there was no periodontal disease!! (which I’ve had for years) I pulled for 20 minutes x 2 x daily though to get results.

  5. It is great to read your experiences Laura. I am so glad that you are finding a non-toxic way to use coconut oil in your daily life. Thank you so much for sharing with others who may be curious about coconut oil.

  6. I have been using coconut oil for two years. I started oil pulling to assist with eliminating persistent migraines that would not respond to traditional medicine. It worked. I kept oil pulling for dental health and am happy to say that my plaque and tarrtar build up have been reduced by 75% at each dental check up. The dental tech was amazed. I also use it for general purposes such as cooking and moisturizing my skin, cosmetic removal, etc. I use it as a sun screen. I went to the beach multiple times and never burned. It must be reapplied after you go swimming and every two or three hours, but I thought it was great not to put chemicals on/in my body. Finally, I use it as a deoderant. Lightly apply coconut oil under the arms, then lightly apply baking soda on top of it. It works great, with no chemicals or stains on my blouses. You can add a bit of corn, tapioca or arrowroot starch if you want, but it I don’t seem to need the extra absorption. Mother Nature has gifted us with a treasure in coconut oil.

  7. This is very timely for me to read this morning as just this year I have been discovering all about coconut oil and using it more and more … first, for my skin and then in many uses for cooking and I love it!
    Thanks for all the tips on how to care for the teeth with this amazing oil! I had no idea, but will try it today!

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