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  • How to adopt minimalism

    why we need minimalism

    I can’t believe 2016 is nearly over. Hasn’t time flown? I’m writing this a week before Christmas, so there’s still the pre-Christmas hullabaloo in town with folks frantically buying gifts and generally racing about. Why we need to and how to adopt minimalism I’ve stepped back from the “Christmas-that-was-hijacked-by-consumerism” for the last few years and it’s refreshing. A […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • Create memories not garbage

    create memories not garbage this Christmas www.actualorganics.com

    Metro Vancouver has a campaign called “create memories, not garbage.” The aim is to reduce waste during the holidays. I love this idea, as simplicity and being frugal are hobbies of mine. Create memories not garbage this Christmas Excessive consumption, food waste and unnecessary consumerism upset me. We live on a beautiful planet with finite […]

  • Detoxify your Life
  • Disconnect this month

    Disconnect this month, and beyond. Recently I’ve seen people unable to disconnect even whilst crossing the road.  They cross the road oblivious to their surroundings; a car turning into the road and the person looking at their phone totally unaware a car is there. To top it all, this week I saw a lady (yes […]