Best posts from January

Best January blog posts

I like to do a link share of the best posts that I have read in January, on food, well-being, business, toxins, funny things, research and more.

Best posts from January in no particular order:

I’m all for us taking more time to get prepared for the day, here are 8 ways to create a mindful morning routine from Mindful Meals Blog.

I’m fortunate not to get them but menstrual cramps can be debilitating and home remedies for menstrual cramps might be helpful. Learn more from the blog Health Extremist.  She also talks about how to use turmeric to get the benefits, my tip make a curry every so often!

Funny thing food!

Dont skip lunch campaign - will you take time for lunch in 2014? Learn more at ActualOrganics.comThis is good, that’s bad, we all have thoughts, views and they usually differ.  I’m now a fan of just eating intuitivelyLearn why.

What Paleo means to me from “They Call Me Oyster Girl” blog.  I’m not paleo by any means but I like some of the recipes, they are creative and have good flavours – well the one’s I’ve found do!

Superfood hot chocolate from A Harmony Healing blog.

A probiotic home-made ketchup from Little Owl Crunchy Momma blog.

Another preserved food, preserved lemons from How We Flourish blog.

These Sweet Potato Chili Fries (Chips) look yummy.  I like sweet potatoes and normal potatoes for that matter!

Too cold for a salad here (currently -20c / -4F) but for summer (when strawberries and spinach are in season) this certainly looks delicious from the lovely lady at “The Skinny Pear” blog. A strawberry and spinach salad.

I feel far more like a hearty beef stew in winter, here’s a recipe from All Things Health blog.

I grow vegetables in summer but winter here is just too cold.  Here’s how to grow lettuce in winter from Deductive Seasoning Blog.

Toxic beauty?

As you know I have written about obesogens (like phthalates and triclosan) and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) for years now, here are two articles touching on that subject; EDCs and a great list of toxic chemicals to avoid.

triclosan in your soap? Why I avoid it.What we wash our clothes with comes into contact with the skin.  Best use a non-toxic one then.  I use this non-toxic laundry soda by Nellies  (affiliate link) but others make their own, I also hear good reports on Charlie’s laundry soap too (affiliate link).  I’m not into that, a step too far for me! Here’s a recipe if you fancy making your own laundry soap.

There have been a number of colds, sniffles and nasty flu around here.  Here’s a home-made vapour rub to make to ease the breathing from Real Food RN blog who also talks about why I do regular detoxification. I talk more about that in my book (learn more here), and we’re not talking green smoothies either! Phew.

That’s about it for now.

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