Best blog posts from November

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In a world where many of us feel there is too much information it can be tough to read all the appealing-looking links on Facebook or other social sites.  So I have collected a selection of best blog posts from November for you.

Food, drinks and more

Addicted to Diet sodas?

Another Canadian blog Naturally Living in the Maritimes (much further east than us!) discusses the way she beat her diet soda addiction. 

Green, eco-living ideas:

As you know I don’t like dryer sheets much, they are doubful on the eco-friendly scale and I prefer greener options.  Here’s one from Live Essentially blog discussing a DIY fabric softener.

I am always asked about washing powder or laundry powder.  I buy one as I am busy having written my book but here’s a recipe for a DIY laundry detergent.  I haven’t tried it but I’d like to! DIY Laundry Powder


two ingredient glass cleanerSee the world clearly with this Easy Home-made green glass cleaner from Girl Meets Nourishment.

If after all that cleaning you feel achy then this might soothe?

A ‘pain-relieving’ salve from learn how to make the pain relieving salve here.

As you sit and soothe your aches perhaps a biscuit and a relaxing cup of tea?

These grain-free ginger snaps look yummy! Made by Real Food Whole Health blog.  I eat grains (balance being the spice of life, learn more) but for those not it is great having easy to make tasty recipes!

I am not a huge fan of sweet things, preferring savoury or fermented very often.  This spicy fermented daikon radish is the ticket! (daikon is an odd Japanese vegetable!).

We love soups in our house, usually as bone broth is a staple too, so this sweet potato and tomato soup made by An Organic Wife blogger looks scrumptious.

I learnt to cook with my Mum, I still phone her when I need a recipe actually! So this post from Yummy Inspirations really appeals to me, 10 Benefits of Cooking with Kids.


10 benefits of cooking with kidsMany want to make steps towards a more sustainable life; we grew our own vegetables last year, fun negotiating with garden slugs! This post How to eat sustainably – 5 simple steps from The Urban Eco Life has a few suggestions.

Here are some more reasons why sustainability is so important, from how We Flourish blog.  I am all in favour of reducing consumption.  Frugal living need not be boring!

Body image needs kindness

The airbrushing of women saddens me; I talk a lot more about this issue in my book, but this post is a good one about ‘fitspiration’ on Pinterest and how there are so many negative messages for women.

So that’s about it for this month’s round up, more next month!

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