Best bargain Black Friday

Today every man and his dog has a Black Friday sale.  I’ve seen shoe stores giving away tea, electronics stores giving away food, in attempts to encourage us to shop, shop, shop.

Discover why we don’t have a #BlackFriday sale, learn what is the best bargain Black Friday.  The answer might surprise you as it isn’t more stuff!

Bargain-hunting or madness?

Scenes of frenzied bargain-grabbing are all around today, videos of people fighting, screaming at each other all to get their hands on consumer goods.  There are some high percentage savings to be had, granted, but these are still on high-priced items!  Are the sales the answer to our happiness or has our consumerism gone bananas?

buy stuff they don't need

Read on to learn how spending less money (valuing what we have) may actually make us happier!

Many of us are watching budgets so is it  ironic that the day after ‘Thanksgiving‘ for all the abundance many are racing to the shops again to spend money?

I dislike shopping and actually the fridge gets pretty bare as I think “let’s go tomorrow, we’ll have chicken stock soup for supper (again)”

Meal planning (free download sheet for you) is something I have got down to an art form; I’d rather do that than go shopping!

I have a list, a budget (free download for you!) and yes that might seem boring but it means I don’t get tempted by things in the shops that I likely do not need.

I want less clutter not more!

Best bargain on Black Friday

is gratitude.


and Self acceptance (about and which I talk a lot more about in my book) are all far more appealing, to me at least, than a debthangover.

ActualOrganics doesn’t have a sale, I sell my book, that’s it! It is already discounted on Amazon (have a look through this affiliate link) and if you subscribe to our newsletter you get a sneak peek free – so you can see if you’ll like the book, for free, no money required!

Make presents? Less is more

This year our family are not giving presents for the sake of it.  We will spend less and tune in more.

We’re making some things, I went to the store yesterday and spent $17.93 on some glue, a note book, a paint brush, brown paper and Christmas wrapping gold string. That gives me enough to make many of our presents for friends and family around the world.

daily needs is not consumerism

I am grateful that we have food, shelter and clothes, oh and a cute puppy.

We are de-cluttering, living with less stuff and so far I LOVE IT!


Surely we have enough?


When we realise that our daily needs are not met through excessive consumption it gives space to welcome freedom and joy into our life.

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Generosity does, according to Joshua Becker author of the excellent blog Becomming Minimalist blog, lead to contentment [1]:

  • Generous people have a healthy understanding of how much they already own.
  • Generous people value what they own.
  • Generous people live happier, more fulfilled lives.
  • Generous people find meaning outside of their possessions.
  • Generous people have more fulfilling relationships.

Joshua’s book “Simplify” is great; simple ideas for minimising your life and having less ‘stuff’.  I certainly am adopting some of his ideas.

Your local library will likely order the book! Save money, support a library! Or you can buy Simplify! here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Our planet can’t sustain our necessary purchases let alone greedy ones, I feel I have a responsibility to consume less, I also know life will be simpler when I have less clutter around me.

Here are ten ways to simplify.

You’ve likely all seen videos of frantic scenes in superstores when everyone was clambering to get ‘bargains’.  Can we do better?