Be kind to yourself day

positive words to live by

You likely know to be kind to old ladies and puppies.  Right but what about being kind to yourself?

It is often easier to be kind to someone else than yourself. Can you relate? Today is (I totally made this up) “Be kind to yourself day” Will you join me?

reclaim joy radianceIt need not be a big thing or it might be. But essentially it is just lightening up.

As Joyce Meyer says:

We all have to deal with our little load of faults and imperfections. Yours may not be the same as someone else’s, but believe me, they are no worse

She goes on to say something amazing

You are going to have them anyway, so you may as well give yourself permission to be imperfect.  Accept it– you are not perfect, and never will be.

extract from “Approval Addiction” by Joyce Meyer, you can buy it here (affiliate link)

Do you give yourself permission to be YOU?

It is refreshing being you, as you are unique.  Ponder this for a moment: right now there is NO one else on this earth that has the skills, qualities and character that you do.

The world needs you to do what only you can do.

Pretty incredible, don’t you think? I know when I realised this I did think how silly I’d been ‘striving’ to be anything other than my unique self. 

Words have power

The words we use to talk about ourself are very important.

Have you said “oh I hate my_______ (you fill in the blank)” don’t worry we all have.

Realising the amazing power of our words is powerful, speaking kindness, truth and words to build others up and encourage them.  Saying kind words really does make a big difference.

I talk more about the power of our words in my book The Radiant Woman’s Handbook (have a look at it here – affiliate link)

I have a whole chapter called “Words have power, lots of it!”  The way we talk about ourself and others can be kind or cruel, I choose kind. Will you?

be kind to yourself wonderfully radiantSo as Monday morning kicks in, will you choose kindness?

I intend to simply do my best (that isn’t being perfect, thankfully!) whilst writing my presentation for this week, the press release for my new Radiant Woman’s body balm and knowing that the house needs tidying.  I choose kindness.  One step at a time… the cleaning can wait!

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