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I’m Joanna. I am glad that you found this website. I hope it encourages and entertains you.

My hobby is writing about simplifying life, finding balance, using less toxic products (in skin care and in the home) as well as the occasional article about food. I’m a trained chef and love good food.

Since 2009, I’ve written about how to slow down and enjoy the life you have rather than always wanting more. I share why seeking balance is so important in today’s world.

I also write about lessening our impact on the world around us, thus I write about a wide range of topics which inspire me and I hope will inspire you too.


My aim is to

Write encouraging, relevant content that makes you think.

Write once a fortnight – every two weeks.  I am a sporadic blogger!  To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

I am a newspaper columnist and have a ‘non-toxic living’ column.   I also have a dog, husband and spend a lot of time riding my bicycle.



Join with others committed to simplifying life, buying less and celebrating the unique things in life without needing a new smart phone! Join in the conversation, ask questions, keep in touch here.

Rather than them all, choose a social media platform you like – no one said you have to be on them ALL, I prefer Twitter!

This is my personal blog.

It’s my hobby and when I am not writing you’ll find me cooking, sewing, walking the dog, riding my bike, reading or gardening, or even volunteering picking up rubbish!  That’s life, a little bit of everything.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only, please read the disclaimer below before continuing to read this website.

What I talk about:

Using less products, opting for non-toxic products and looking radiant.

Simplifying life and clearing the clutter, and above all lessening our environmental impact.

Encouragement to simplify and love your life.


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Other things I get up to:

I am a judge on the CertClean clean care skin care awards based in Toronto. I actually think we need far less skin care products than are marketed to us. Less is more!

I was on the cabinet of Environmental Defence Canada‘s “Just Beautiful” campaign.  Just Beautiful started as there are thought to be “over 1,700 cancer-causing, hormone disrupting, and allergy-inducing substances have been banned or restricted in European personal care products but many of these same harmful substances can still be found in Canadian products.”  [1]

I work closely with a local environmental charity that are keen advocates to reduce waste, aim for ‘zero waste’ and care for our local environment here in British Columbia.


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[1] Environmental Defence Canada

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