3 reasons why I closed my Pinterest account

I no longer browse the time-sapping halls of Pinterest.

Here are 3 reasons why I closed my Pinterest account

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Distraction overwhelm

There are enough social media platforms now that you can be constantly distracted; Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, SnapChat, oh the list is endless, YouTube, Google+ on and on the list goes, and on and on.

My post happens to be about Pinterest but I very well could write it about any of the social network platforms as they all have the capacity to keep you looking / browsing / scrolling and BOOM another hour of your life has gone.

As I say in my book

it is important to sort the positive from the negative and ask yourself where are you spending your time and how that suits you?

(page 17 The Radiant Woman’s Handbook)

Sherry Turkle says in her book Alone Together:

“technology promises to let us do anything from anywhere with anyone. But it also drains us as we try to do everything everywhere. We begin to feel overwhelmed and depleted by the lives technology makes possible.”

Do you feel like that?   Is it time to simplify your social media and email?

social media is it your whole world? can you cut back, and detox? www.Actualorganics.com

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Time spent

How much time do you spend on social media?

Half an hour? An hour? Two hours?  Do you check your phone throughout the day?

Or are you addicted, read more about social media addiction.

Do you find yourself checking your phone only to find no messages? Do you think you hear your phone beep when it actually hasn’t?

Do you feel rushed? We did have a bit more time before social media, didn’t we? You were likely to check your emails in the morning, lunchtime and before leaving work. Now you can check them in the supermarket, or at a table in a smart restaurant!

Is all this time spent on a technological device wise?  Is it time for a technology detox? 

The excuse for many is that they run an online business but less is more even when it comes to that. I know a number of great blogs that are not ‘on‘ social media all the time but have a great readership. Is it time to find balance?

Changing your body and brain

There is mounting evidence that social media and the internet are changing our brain [1] and body.

We spend more time sitting than before [2] and this is increasing the likelihood of illness but associations were strongest for cardiovascular disease mortality.

We need to be moving and balancing our life around work, rest and playTweet this!

Is social media or email preventing you interacting with others?  Maybe not, but I am sure we can all spend more time out in real life and less time in front of a screen, whatever size it may be.

Do you feel social media is adding pressure to your life?

Are you stressed about how many ‘likes’ your last post got? Do you feel sad when you post something and no one comments?

Maybe it is time to turn off the computer, and get out into the real world again, your body and brain may thank you for it.  What do you think?

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[1] http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20120424-does-the-internet-rewire-brains

[2] http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/172/4/419.abstract

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3 thoughts on “3 reasons why I closed my Pinterest account

  • Pingback: Benefits of a social media break | Actual Organics

  • 3 April, 2014 at 08:57

    I agree with you in spirit on this issue, and believe me – many days I’d rather be outdoors running than indoors writing and checking social media.

    The reality is that this online world is an intricate part of our business responsibilities. I even do some social media freelance work now that demands I spend time in all of these places. Time management is key for me, and yes, for free time I would always choose to unplug.

    • 3 April, 2014 at 10:32

      Yes, writing now is mainly on a computer, although I wrote much of my first book on paper first and am doing that for my second book too.

      I think many put too much emphasis on the importance of social media at the expense of their own balanced well being. As you say good time management is key, as well as boundaries.


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